Not sure what to expect from your future employer? Bloomigo can help you figure out

Not sure what to expect from your future employer? Bloomigo can help you figure out

Thursday October 29, 2015,

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Arpit Bajpai and Vikrant Raj were in their final year of engineering at IIT Bombay, while Arpit’s schoolmate Anurag Shukla was at SIRT Bhopal. They were all about to graduate, and their batchmates were preparing for interviews, aptitude tests and group discussions to land jobs during placements. The trio were doing the same but they had a dilemma. “Everyone eventually gets a job, but when asked what exactly their job is, then they have just one common answer- ‘we will know about it once we get into the company and start working’," says Vikrant. The same scenario is also applicable to those who start preparing for B schools and foreign universities.


“We find it pretty shocking that even such educated bright minds of our country prepare and train themselves for something which they don't have any idea about,” says Arpit. The trio believes that career decision-making at every stage is primarily driven by personal networking and it might not always be the best option for everyone. “This premise pointed us to a clear knowledge gap and we decided to fill it. Our driving force was to create a service which we needed at different points of our careers,” says Anurag. Bloomigo came to be on this premise.

Bloomigo is a data-and-design-driven intelligent platform, which helps people explore and make better career decisions by doing predictive analysis on career paths already taken by relevant people and their experiences. The company is serving information to answer three basic questions about any career associated point:

1) How to get there?

2) What happens there?

3) What will happen after it?

Bloomigo launched in September with trends and insights from 100+ colleges, 800+ companies and more than 400 alumni stories. For instance, if a person is looking for a job at HP, one can raise a query on the company and a skill-set (say business development, C++, Java). Bloomigo mines data from its pool and dishes out all the information related to that position at that particular firm. “We currently have over 2,000 users on board, an average session duration of eight minutes, and an exceptionally low bounce rate of just 25.67 per cent,” says Vikrant.

The product is free to use right now and Bloomigo has raised an angel round from Taj Haslani (Valley-based HR tech evangelist), Ankit Gupta (former Google employee and current principal engineer at WalmartLabs) and Ankit Srivastava (IIT-D, IIM-A, currently Roposo). The focus is on product development but for revenue, Bloomigo is looking at the hiring and e-learning spaces and monetising via providing search and discovery of personalised 'opportunity' and 'means to achieve them'.

Bloomigo is a product in a space which is still charting out a direction. Jombay is an Indian startup in a similar space; there have been a few efforts like PayScale in India which let users estimate salaries at various companies, and globally there is Glassdoor which is a pioneer in the space. LinkedIn ideally would be a great match for these companies but the tech biggie hasn’t made aggressive progress. The vision for Bloomigo is to create a well-informed community where the decision making is driven by organised data and structured information. “We want to map each and every probable career path on our platform and will consider ourselves successful the day when people start taking the path which will take them to their potential and desired destination,” says Vikrant.

Website: Bloomigo

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