The gracious Indian wedding, where Rs 6 lakh was donated to poor farmers


Responding to the plight of Maharashtra’s distressed and drought-stricken farmers, the Vadkes from Thane, Maharashtra, downsized their daughter’s wedding and donated Rs 6 lakh to two villages in the Jalna and Nanded districts in Marathwada, Maharashtra. Vivek Vadke, a chemical engineer, has set an example for others to follow. The Vadke couple donated this amount to Padali village in Jalna and Dapshed village in Nanded. This region is the most affected, drought-stricken area in the state of Maharashtra.

Image: India Times

Vivek and his wife Vasanti have always been very active toward social causes. They decided to spend money only on essentials required for their daughter’s wedding. Inconsequential materials like decorations were done away with. As a result the Vadkes saved Rs 6 lakh, which was then donated to these two villages. “We were quite aware of the situation in the state and did not want to spend money on things that are not too important like decorations,” said Vivek. The Vadkes personally handed over the sum to the villagers. The money will be used to desilt and widen rivers that run along these villages so that they are ready to accommodate more water during the monsoon, reports The Times Of India.

The Vadkes are just one among the rising number of socially driven citizens in India. Biman Biswas, a senior section engineer working with the Central Railway has been donating almost 40 per cent of his salary to support at least 10 farmers and their families in Marathwada. A railway engineer from Parel, Biman Biswas has been donating a part of his salary every month to farmers who live more than 700km away from Mumbai.

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