SHAKTI - Women Startup India: Celebrating women and their stories

Team YS
1st Mar 2016
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Women are the backbone of our economy and important stakeholders in the destiny of how the Indian economy is going to shape in the future. Though we would like to see more women in tech, we have multiple traditional strongholds where women are embracing opportunities to startup and scale up.

Applauding the spirit of women, their strength and their stories, the National Commission for Women with YourStory are celebrating the achievements of women. Join us in this celebration of:

Shakti –Women Startup India

Skill development for

  • Handicrafts and traditional arts
  • Agriculture and organic food
  • Knitwear, garments, textiles
  • Travel and tourism and Technology

The event will address areas like skill development through workshops and panel discussions featuring – industry experts, government/private sector/NGO representatives, investors, case studies of role models.

The event will also attempt to understand other areas that participants will identify as areas where the government, women’s groups and the private sector can provide them with the support and tools they need to set-up and scale their ventures. India will shine when we celebrate our women.

Register here.

Date: 8th March, Tuesday

Time: 10.00 am-6.30 pm

Venue: Scope Auditorium, SCOPE Complex, 1st Floor, Core – 87, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003


Workshops on

From skill development to starting up

Challenges faced by startups and how to overcome these

Keeping the engine running

Thinking like a business leader


Crossing the threshold in your mind – how to turn an idea into a real business

When the going gets tough, how to keep your venture going

Startup India, Standup India for women entrepreneurs


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For any queries please write to us at her@yourstory.com. 

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