7 reasons why you should watch Buddha In A Traffic Jam

7 reasons why you should watch Buddha In A Traffic Jam

Wednesday May 11, 2016,

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How many times have you been told that your dreams are unrealistic and whimsical? How many people do you meet in your life who doubt you for what you believe in? How many times do you feel a strong sense of frustration pulsating through your veins because you know what you are standing up for has an army of people lined up to put you down?

Due to release this Friday (May 13) is a movie that implores you to liberate your inner Buddha from the traffic jam around you. It’s not just another movie that brings out the harsh realities faced by the average Indian. This one has leapfrogged ahead to understand and connect with the soul of every Indian who has a dream that challenges them to break the shackles of mediocrity.


Why should you watch this movie? We’ll give you not one, but seven great reasons.

1. The movie was screened at over 30 film festivals, winner of several awards, and yet it had no commercial takers.

This film was showcased at more than 30 film festivals across the globe and went on to win many awards. Yet the movie could not get a distributor for a commercial release. Director Vivek Agnihotri has said that big banner studios in Mumbai had promised to release Buddha in A Traffic Jam. “But nobody went through with it. It was supposed to be screened at the Indian Film Festival but was removed from the schedule at the last minute,” said Agnihotri. Ironically enough, the film-maker too had to fight the same battles, making him very much like a Buddha in the Traffic Jam.

2. There is a dreamer in you bogged down with dealing with the murkiness around you, trying very hard to spot the light at the end of the tunnel. You should watch this movie if you are the kind of person who has faith in yourself but your faith is being tested to its limits. What happens when you are constantly put in challenging situations? Do you give up, do you win, or die trying? This movie promises to be a must-watch is for every entrepreneur who goes through it at different phases of his or her journey.

3. There is a Buddha in you who is suffocated by regressive norms and corruption at every level. You should watch this movie if you’re the type of person who does not get defeated by obstacles; rather you welcome such challenges, knowing that you will have to face them anyway sooner or later. The film connects to the spirit of a leader, a self-starter, a dreamer, and a visionary who dares to walk alone if no one is willing to join in.

4. You are not alone! You should watch this movie to find comfort in knowing that you are not alone in this battle, and there are several such Buddhas all around you who are in the same boat, and they don’t plan to give up either.

5. You need Inspiration to let go off the inertia: Sometimes we become wishful thinkers, waiting to get into action mode. It is not that we don’t want to get started; we’re raring to go but are gripped with fear or inertia. Watch this movie if you need a little motivation or push to know you are thinking in the right direction and all you need is a little nudge to begin chasing your dreams.

6. You want to see once-in-a-lifetime performances by powerful actors: Watch it to see how great actors like Anupam Kher, Pallavi Joshi and Mahie Gill have put their heart and soul into this film by feeling the cause and issues as they play their respective parts.

7. You are a connoisseur of quality art and great cinema: If you are someone who looks forward to watching world-class films, this is a film you can’t afford to miss! If you have an eye for appreciation of art and cinema that leaves you wishing and waiting for more of such genre, this is a must-watch for you!

At YourStory, we have written over 38,000 stories of entrepreneurs and change-makers who understand the challenges, celebrate the triumphs and instill hope and positivity, through their stories, in many others who are aspiring to make their dreams come true. Buddha In A Traffic Jam is one such story; it will leave you ignited and inspired. If you are on the path of writing your own story, this film is your story!