Social media trends which will rule the rest of 2016

Social media trends which will rule the rest of 2016

Wednesday July 27, 2016,

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It’s 2016, and social media is no longer a buzzword. It is inches away from becoming one of life’s basic necessities. Can you stay away from Facebook for an entire day? More and more people are discovering business opportunities solely through social media. Social media is not just for young people anymore. Considering how it encompasses everything from Facebook and Twitter to the new kids on the block such as Snapchat, it is little wonder that social media is the way to reach out to more people and redefine interactions. Here are a few trends that will catch up in a big way.


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Selling through social media

The rest of 2016 has a series of festivals coming up, and as every Indian knows, festivals equals shopping. Roposo is making great strides in helping people discover more of what they like and brands that may not have otherwise gained much traction. Likewise, several Instashops have mushroomed on Instagram (where else!) that allow people all over the world to buy clothes they fancy. This year could see this trend extending further with both Facebook and Twitter trying to introduce a way to buy products directly from their platforms.

Interactions redefined

You don’t just like, retweet and re-pin something anymore. You send emojis and share Dubsmash videos. You put on a funny face and Snapchat with friends. Snapchat is proving to be a great tool for bloggers to interact with their follower base. Fashion bloggers now use their Snapchat account to share everything from the process of getting a new haircut to interacting with people at an apparel store. Depending on the niche you’re in, using a specific social media interface could help you interact with existing followers and maybe even discover new ones.

360˚ everything

With live streaming of videos emerging as a trend, most of us are now watching more videos than ever before. Couple this with the advent of 360˚ videos and photos and you have a whole new way of looking at the world. Videos of waterfalls and roller coasters that look all too real are already doing the rounds. With Mark Zuckerberg announcing that Facebook can now accept uploads of even 360˚ photos, images such as this one have gone viral. While they’re relatively new, it’s easy to imagine them being used to sell products such as cars or property or to give users a virtual tour of a shop.

Use social media tools that work for you. Don’t be afraid to try everything out. With new trends coming up every other day, it is important to be aware and pragmatic about what to use and what to avoid so that you’re not bogged down by the marketing frenzy. If you’re not sure of how to manage your social media interactions, these resources can help.

What are your predictions for social media trends for the rest of the year? Let us know in the comments below.

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