How to prevent annoying co-workers from hampering your productivity

How to prevent annoying co-workers from hampering your productivity

Tuesday August 16, 2016,

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Going to your new workplace can be exciting at the beginning. At some point, you’ll probably come across annoying co-workers of varying levels. When you spend around 40 hours a week with the same group, fulfilling the same set of duties, even the smallest issue triggers the annoyance alarm in you.

This common phenomenon can hamper your workflow. Elevated stress levels, smouldering resentments, and work-arounds to avoid dealing with those pesky people at work are hardly good for your productivity or stability. Here are few comprehensive ways to deal with such co-workers in the office.


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Pinpoint the behaviour that bothers you

Examine the behaviour which annoys you. It can either be a specific trait or something as innocuous as the presence of that person. This is the first step in tackling the issue. Certain amount of soul-searching will lead you to a comprehensive idea of what bothers you in regards to the person. You may go about finding solutions, but inability to identify the root cause will render your plan of action incomplete.

Find common ground

Sometimes, demanding environment leaves people high-strung, making it difficult to deal with even the most easy-going person. A common interest with that person makes working together more constructive. Try to find at least one thing you can talk about, to break the ice and perhaps have a new ally by-your-side.

Use humour

Humour is the cure to every problem, they say. You can use humour to your advantage here. Try to reach out to them through your comedy. Or scoff their difficult behaviour as something to chuckle on. You’ll make light of the situation, both ways.

Avoid gossiping

Although you might get an urge to vent your frustration amongst other colleagues, it is advisable to avoid it, largely because of two reasons. Firstly, it will attach a negative outlook towards you, with co-workers often labelling you as unfriendly or difficult. Secondly, venting won’t provide you a constructive alternative and instead breed dissent and negativity in the work atmosphere.

Confront the co-worker directly

If you want the issue to be solved, direct approach is best. When polite hints are disregarded, a firm yet progressive heart-to heart ensures that you have tried every lead available to solve this issue. Although the person on the receiving end may not accept it favourably, pointing it out will take a substantial amount of pressure from your conscience alongside keeping the superiors in loop.

Stage an intervention

If all concertation falls to deaf ears, take it to someone of higher authority. People tend to put their best face forward after given a talk by someone of senior level. Enlist someone the office looks up to for intervention. There is nothing a heart-to-heart conversation can’t solve.

Stay positive

Certain people remain impervious to their actions. In such cases, remaining positive may be the best option amongst all. A positive outlook will instil a new zeal in your work and with time the person would cease to provoke a reaction from you.

Increase in workload may induce heated temperaments, proactive steps from your side ensure workflow doesn’t waver with adversities. It's how you react to a challenge that sets a foundation for growth in your career. With a little humility and professionalism, you're likely to create a more acceptable and agreeable work environment.

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