Want to write professionally? Here are some apps which can help you

Want to write professionally? Here are some apps which can help you

Friday August 19, 2016,

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Writing is a gift, and the hardest part of it is the beginning. Many writers have agreed that ideas come naturally to them, but executing these ideas on a blank sheet of paper can be the most overwhelming part of the job. Searching for the right words is apparently the biggest challenge, and the struggle is as real as it sounds.

Today's writers have a greater advantage over their predecessors. The advent of digital apps and technology has made it simpler for writers to build a great vocabulary, even if they are not voracious readers. All it takes is downloading an app on your smartphone and you are good to go. Pocket dictionaries and vocabulary-building apps not only help you learn new words but also acquaint you with the proper pronunciation and basic communication skills. The best part? Most of these are available free of charge!


So if you find yourself struggling while writing your next piece, download the following apps at the earliest:

Power Vocab: Vocab Word Game!

This app makes learning new expressions fun by incorporating them into interesting games that make sure you use them frequently and in the correct manner. The app throws up challenges related to new words and only when you decipher the right meaning will the next level get unlocked. Thus, you don’t have a choice but to learn new words and remember them to get to the next level.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary App

How about having an entire dictionary in your pocket? The Merriam Webster Dictionary app is one of the most basic and successful apps for beginners as well as professionals. This app can be used even when users are offline. Explore the world of new words and learn how to use them in daily life. There are also certain words that are assigned to the user each day to make the user conversant with these new expressions. Build your own comprehensive database of new terms with this unique app.

Words, words, words

This app is one of the most effective ways of developing a good vocabulary. It has an interactive interface that lets you learn new words and track your progress at the same time. You can monitor your performance by taking quizzes of varied difficulty levels to see how far you have come.

Miss Spell’s Class

One of the first steps towards building a vocabulary is spelling words correctly, and that’s precisely what Miss Spell’s Class does for you. This app gives you a list of 20 words and you need to find out which of them have been spelt correctly. You can review the time that you take to identify the right spellings. With this combination of speed and spellings, you are sure to master a great vocabulary in no time.


Create a flawless word bank with this fabulous app called Busuu. This app helps you learn from English speakers around the world and connect with other learners. If you get stuck midway through your learning process, there are speakers who guide you and help you get through it.

For all those who think that learning English is a Herculean task, these apps will surely change your opinion. Download them and say goodbye to expensive English lectures and tutorials.