Patanjali CEO Acharya Balakrishna is now officially one of the richest men in India


44-year-old Acharya Balakrishna, the CEO of Patanjali, is now officially one of India's richest men. According to the Hurun India Rich List 2016, Acharya's wealth amounted to a whopping Rs 25,600 crore (approximately $3.9 billion).

Image : (L) - India Today; (R) - Tips Monk

A close associate of Baba Ramdev, Acharya has a unique approach towards work. According to a report by The Financial Express, Acharya does not use a computer and prefers using printouts. He uses an iPhone, wears a traditional white kurta and dhoti, and speaks mostly in pure Hindi. The Patanjali family celebrates his birthday (4th Aug) as ‘Jadi Booti Divas’ (Herb Day).

In 2011, the CBI had arrested him on charges of cheating and forgery, reports Business Standard. It was also alleged that he owned a pistol without a legal permit. The Enforcement Directorate soon filed a case against him on charges of money laundering, which was dismissed after two years of investigation, as no evidence against Acharya was found. The CBI's case against him is yet to be concluded.

With an aggressive approach towards capturing markets, the Patanjali group has established itself among the FMCG giants of India. Almost 94 percent of the company is owned by Acharya, who finished 26th in the list of the 339 richest people in India.

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