The elements of a good television commercial

The elements of a good television commercial

Tuesday October 18, 2016,

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There was a time when users had to go out and search for their favorite products and the brands offering them. That time doesn't exist anymore!

Now, you can see brands chasing customers through different ways and means, and the one that's used most is the television commercial. Since most people watch television on a daily basis, companies find it the best medium to spread the word about their products and services.


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If your business has already started generating decent revenues, then you should think about taking it to the next level. TV commercials can help you do that. However, before you jump to conclusions and burn your hard-earned money on television advertisements, take a look at these points explaining the necessary elements of good TV commercials-

Emotional connect

You've got just 30 seconds to impress your potential customers, and that can never be done without connecting with them at an emotional level. Don't expect them to develop emotions; rather, instill emotions in your commercials during development phase itself. This is how Tanishq did it.

Limited information

Ad spots on television are quite expensive, and if you want to keep your expenses limited, you'll have to make every second count. Moreover, bombarding too much information during a commercial can backfire badly. Most viewers watch a commercial up to seven times before it embeds in their mind and prompts them to take action. In such case, a commercial with one or two major centerpieces will work tremendously well as compared to a commercial with too much of information. Learn to differentiate between an infomercial and commercial.

Proper call to action

A CTA is an action you want your viewers to take after watching your commercial. Make sure your TV commercial has a proper CTA like “Call Our Helpline Number Now” or “Visit Our Service Center Today” or anything else as per your product category and objective. Take some inspiration from Audi and Airbnb.

Positive association

A TV commercial goes farther than you may imagine, and putting any negative point in it may ruin your brand image. That's the reason why you see the humour, good looking celebrities, laughing babies, luxury cars and greenery in TV commercials. Whenever you decide to work on a TV commercial idea, make sure the focus remains on building a positive brand image. Don't include any point that may create confusion, hatred or distemper in any way.

Trust building

As Zig Ziglar once said, “If people like you, they'll listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you.” A TV commercial should be good enough to make viewers feel that they can trust your brand and its services. Focus on earning your customers' trust, and you'll never have to think about money.

These are the five essential elements of any TV commercial. If you're a brand or an agency owner helping brands with TV commercial development, keep in mind these points to create a lasting impression on users.