Why a digital detox is THE cleanse that you need right now

Why a digital detox is THE cleanse that you need right now

Wednesday October 19, 2016,

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From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, our gadgets truly define the phrase “from the cradle to the grave”. With all the status posts, tweets, DMs and comments, it looks like virtual is the new real. Technology was invented to help us increase our productivity, but with all the constant distraction that a smart phone brings with itself, how productive have we really become?


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While that hand held device of yours can do a lot of things for you without even you lifting a finger, there are a lot of evils that you can be a victim of as well. If you feel less productive, it might just be the weight of technology bogging you down. Research shows that just like with any other drug, digital addiction is real and can result in low productivity, lack of creativity and much more. How can you solve this? Well, two simple words: digital detox. A digital detox helps you to take some time off from your devices and connect with yourself to reset your brain for increased productivity and work-life balance. Here is why you should go on a digital detox:

A hindrance or help?

Most of us think that technology can help, which it does for the most part, but overdependence on your devices has ill effects. According to WebMD.com, addiction to technology is a real medical issue, and just as with drug addiction, digital addiction often leaves victims feeling helpless; like they have no control over their lives. This can interfere with mental health levels, resulting in rising stress.

Technology increases stress

Ever been at a social gathering where you felt like checking your phone every five minutes, just to see how many messages you got on Facebook or the number of likes on your Instagram pictures? Ever felt the need for charging your phone before you fall asleep just in case you get a late-night text? Such instances can mess with your mind and body and effect some serious much needed solitude. A new study by the University of Gothenburg, Sweden states that heavy usage of technology can result in increased fatigue, stress and depression.

More time for physical health

Playing Candy Crush Saga or texting friends won’t do any good for our bodies. We wish it did because according to a study mentioned in Digital Trends, young adults spend a staggering 4.7 hours on their phones on an average. That’s 4.7 hours of not taking care of your mind and body, 4.7 hours of not connecting with yourself. A digital detox will help you create a barrier between reality and the virtual world, allowing you to give the topmost priority to yourself and not brood over which salad Kim K had for lunch!

Take control of life

Technology doesn’t have to be toxic! Show technology who the real boss is. If you feel like your phone owns you and not vice versa, it’s time to take control and challenge yourself to do new things, things that you always wanted to do. Go on a trip, read a book, discover yourself and see what it feels to be completely unwired.

Join the trend

If the idea of staying away from your gadgets in unnerving, you might want to search #digitaldetox (the irony though) and harness some motivation before you dive in. According to digitaldetoxing.com, they took the whole of the BBC News Channel on a digital detox. If that’s not motivation enough, we don’t know what is!

So what are you waiting for? Switch off your phones and go on a journey.