These branded shoes are made from plastic waste collected from the Indian Ocean


In an incredible move, Adidas has recently come up with shoes made from recycled plastic collected from the Indian Ocean. The shoes have been launched after Adidas teamed up with Parley for the Oceans, a New York-based nonprofit that uses creativity to fight the increasing plastic waste in oceans.

Image : Adidas

The shoes, called 'UltraBOOST Uncaged Parley', are the first of their kind. The brand has launched 7,000 pairs of these shoes, which are available for $220 per pair. Adidas plans to make one million more of these shoes in 2017, which will help recycle 11 million plastic bottles, reports Global Citizen.

The plastic used in these shoes has been collected from the Indian Ocean, surrounding the endangered 1,192 coral islands of the Maldives. According to The Verge, 95 percent of the shoe's upper part is made from the plastic collected from the ocean, while five percent is recycled polyester. The heel, linings, and laces are made from recycled waste materials too. It takes the shoe company 11 bottles to manufacture one pair of these shoes.

Reports suggest that between 500 billion and a trillion plastic bags are used and disposed of worldwide every year. A major fraction of this plastic is simply dumped in oceans. Over 1,00,000 whales, seals, and turtles die every year as a result of eating or being trapped in plastic bags. While there are plans of cleaning up the ocean, 100 million tonnes of plastic has already entered our oceans, and the amount of new plastic debris entering the oceans continue to double every three years.

Adidas is helping the global community come together and fight the problem that makes our planet vulnerable to many global catastrophes. We at Think Change India hope that the trend catches up. We hope to see many more recycled products manufactured on a large scale in the days to come.

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