Does your mobile app have any relevance ?


There is a lot happening in mobile technology. With continuous increase of smartphone users in India, technology-based solution providers are directly targeting such users and offering multiple solutions via mobile app.

The country is rapidly shifting into the mobile app era, and has become the fourth-largest mobile app economy. The annual figure for India is projected to grow by 92 percent to reach 7.7 billion app downloads this year, and further 20.1 billion by 2020.

But the experts have a contrary view on the subject and it doesn’t match the above mentioned figures.

In a panel session at MobileSparks 2016, Ashish Chopra, award-winning viral video marketer, questions the relevance of millions of apps trying to find a space in millions of phones. He, however, adds that companies should leverage every means to harness human attention.

Shilpa Singh, Product Marketing and Brand Development Manager, ‎Cube26, says that businesses don’t have to make apps for everything. “It’s really interesting the way users talk about the number of downloads. However, there are chances that a large number of customers weren’t the true users. So it should be finding right number of users and not just downloads.”

On push notifications, she adds that companies should use them, but for the right audience. An authenticated user engagement also creates a lot of big data which can be leveraged in a right way.

Sahil Sani, Founder, Just Buy Live, believes that business is about real transactions and not just about downloads and installs. In his business, where he supplies goods directly from brands to retailers, he focusses on profitability.

In the panel session, Abhimanyu Lamba, Head of Marketing, Indus OS, adds that context will actually drive the business. His platform is the world’s first regional operating system.

“We thought of introducing this technology where it fits in the context, which is regional languages. I believe that the platform will meet the demand of the millions of people in the country,” he concludes.


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