5 habits that will supercharge your productivity

5 habits that will supercharge your productivity

Monday January 16, 2017,

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Being productive has become the holy grail of the people of this generation. It is that elusive habit that all of us want to perfect in ourselves, but a lack of discipline and following the same old rigmarole aren’t helping anyone. There are many solid ways for people to improve productivity. These ways can be incorporated into your life to have an effective work life and personal life. Let us see some of the ways in which you can completely alter your life by incorporating habits to become a solidly productive human being:

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Image : shutterstock

Get your things ready the night before

Let’s say you want to hit the gym as soon as you get up. Make sure you have your shoes, fitness tracker, t-shirt, and shorts ready for the day before. It is easy for your mind right now to process the required items since they have been pre-arranged. It knows that all that you need to go to the gym is available immediately. There is little to complain and go back to sleep now. Getting your things ready (and planned) in advance is a trigger to your brain that it is important.

Make sure your tasks are batched

When you are executing a project and everything is perfect, and you can check all the boxes, it means you are in the zone. This is when you are doing only one job and are completely focused on that. When you have completed this task, you feel light and happy; you are eager for more because you are excited.

When you focus your energy from one task to another, your mind is in perpetual motion; you become tired, and it is impossible to accomplish much in such a state. The best way to work with your God-given ability is to work in batches. It makes a huge impact on you, and you feel energised. Limit the time you spend on each task, read your emails only for 30 minutes in a day, schedule important calls at a specific time, and prepare your food in advance. These little changes that you follow can have a huge impact on your productivity.

Switch off your mobile phone

We are bombarded with notifications day in and day out. You might want to switch off your mobile phone when you are not expecting any important call, to concentrate on the most important task at hand. Although you can make social media channels productive, the dozens of notification messages are not doing you any good. One of the most terrible habits to have is to settle in bed with your phone. Although tempting, not only is it bad for your eyes, it also delays your sleep.

Get a mentor

You do not always have to find a professional mentor or a life coach to get your life and work on track. Look at the people you hang out with; there are potential mentors in that list. These are people who respect you, encourage you in your goals, have a sensible school of thought, and want to see you succeed. This could be your professor, your peers, a sibling, your spouse, or your parents. Talk to them about your goals and how you plan to achieve them. Discuss with them how and why you would like them to be your mentor and offer incentives for a good job done.

Delegate the mundane tasks

If hiring a secretary reduces the time you spent on typing or handling arduous tasks that needn’t necessarily need you, hire one. If you want to become wealthy, do the things that create the maximum impact. If new hands give you some time to lay off work and take a quick nap, hire someone. You could choose to hire someone on Upwork or Elance, or have someone come down physically to your office.

It would be amazing to live life on auto-pilot, and this is where creating rituals will help. Following the points outlined above will help improve your productivity. The potential to improve is limitless, and it depends on the simple choices that we make day in and day out.

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