BLC’s Start-Up Launch-Pad is answer to every growth-stage startup needs. Here’s why

By Team YS
February 14, 2017, Updated on : Thu Sep 05 2019 07:25:23 GMT+0000
BLC’s Start-Up Launch-Pad is answer to every growth-stage startup needs. Here’s why
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This article is sponsored by Brand Launch Centre.

As a young customer-facing startup which has just started to reap revenues, there are some tasks which require your immediate focus. Namely, how to build momentum, expand customer base, consolidate in the marketplace and prepare to scale up. A solid business and brand strategy, digital marketing plan, a strong understanding of customers, finances, and corporate and legal aspects of the business, are a must to be to do these.

Very often, these become pain points for fledgling startups, especially in the absence of easy access to industry experts and networks who can guide them.

If you are one of these startups, help is here in the form of the Brand Launch Centre’s Start-Up Launch-Pad accelerator programme.

Wings to fly high

Brand Launch Centre (BLC) aims to propel startups to the go to market phase with a strong and hands-on accelerator programme.

The BLC Start-Up Launch-Pad has been specifically designed to help customer-facing, revenue-generating startups that have gone beyond the idea and incubation stage, and are now ready for growth. The intensive and comprehensive programme offers in-depth mentoring and execution assistance across multiple areas.

Serious about scaling, gaining customer and investor traction? Apply for BLC’s Launch-Pad accelerator programme today.

Here are some highlights of the programme that makes it relevant for customer-facing startups like yours:

An interesting and hands-on programme structure

This accelerator is a milestone-based one with pre-determined timeframes for individual milestones like planning & strategy, pilot launch execution, learning, modification & follow-up and growth. The programme has been divided into five comprehensive phases where the first three phases of 60 days each, and the last two phases of 90 days each. At the end of the five phases, startups would be equipped with learning and experiences that would help them scale up.

The first phase focuses on planning and strategy and explores areas such as profit opportunities, allowable cost, target mindset, product and pricing policy and financial requirements for market launch, among others. In this phase, startups will be mentored across multi-disciplinary tracks such as management systems, human resources, launch plan and budgeting, and prepare the business for fund raising. In the second phase, as part of a pilot launch execution, startups will get hands-on experience in legal compliances, brand design, revisiting business and financial projections, CRM and lead nurturing setup. The third phase will focus on learning, where the pilot launch will be reviewed, and based on this, necessary modifications made. The fourth and fifth are the final phases and will enable the participants to focus on execution of the plan and growth by constantly reviewing, monitoring, and making course corrections in the on-going activities. A key aspect of this phase is to prepare startups for further rounds of fund raising.

An established team offering 360 degree support

The programme’s advisory board consists of well-established leaders from the industry, including Mandar Jayawant, Founder, Mongolia Investment & Development Fund, Sandeep Gupta, a key advisor in the area of business governance, Sameer Desai, Chief Strategy Officer, Brand Launch Centre & CEO, Seagull Branding & Advertising Services and Kedar Sabne, Founder at CAAS Consulting, among others. Also, the programme partners with organisations successful in niche fields that can help startups deep-dive into relevant topics. For instance, Terragni has been roped in for customer centricity, Fund Hound for fund readiness, Mahesh Kanade and Associates for corporate, legal and accounting services and Lead Universe for media management.

Popular Indian angel investment networks VC or PE Funds will play an integral role in the programme, by connecting startups with entrepreneurs and professionals who are willing to fund them.

Industry mentors to share important business lessons and investors who could back you up

BLC's aim is to design to prepare startups to overcome challenges during the scale-up phase. Industry experts like Vikram Bapat - Finance expert, Akash Sureka – Technology Expert, Sumit Roy – Brand Strategy Veteran, Sandhya Bhat & Kedar Bartake – HR Experts, and Puneet Bhatnagar – Creative Cammando and Sharon Misra – Media Expert will take participants through a series of intense hands-on workshops and sessions, and answer queries on diverse topics including finance, business growth, communication and media planning.

As part of the multidisciplinary program, BLC has tied up with successful high net worth individuals willing to fund the startups if they meet the milestones.

Please note: This is an equity based programme. Applicants will be screened and shortlisted companies will make a presentation to investors for sponsorship to the programme. However, the investments will be made based on the sole discretion of the investors.

Read more about the selection process here.

Understand all about integrated marketing

Today, if you want to reach out to your target audience, an integrated marketing campaign has become a must. It is important to use the right medium at the right time. And, BLC is an expert in this arena. They are known for their strengths to analyse, study, test and amplify the communication, thereby maximising its reach.

As far as startups are concerned it is very important to engage with the target audience and retain top-of-the-mind recall. A thorough media plan that is derived after understanding the behaviour of the target group is central to increase the customer base. And BLC will add a lot of value by enabling startups understand this key strategy.

Be associated with a brand that helps entrepreneurs win

As part of the first edition of the Start-up Launch-pad in 2016, 13 startups got an opportunity to connect directly with the investor community. Additionally, the Launch-pad helped the participants achieve scale through its immersive programmes. These include emerging startups like Green Salute, Aapla Ghar, Corporate Rooms, Breeze Mill, Beautiful Minds, HairMD, DivyaYog, Flavors of my City, and Pinpoint.

If you are a customer-facing growth-stage startup looking for solutions in fund readiness, media management, branding & management, business model canvas, capability-ready product or service, business excellence & governance, marketing automation and financial management and control, apply for Brand Launch Centre’s Start-Up Launch-Pad.

The last date to apply is March 15. The first batch starts in April 2017.

Don’t wait. Apply today.