Digilux, a retrofit home automation solution to control your entire home through the touch of a few buttons on your mobile

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February 15, 2017, Updated on : Thu Apr 08 2021 09:01:24 GMT+0000
Digilux, a retrofit home automation solution to control your entire home through the touch of a few buttons on your mobile
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With new technological developments and their ability to capture the market in the next few years, Padamraj K Bagrecha decided to enter the field of home automation systems. After more than a decade of experience in this line, he developed his own product Digilux, a home automation system.

He founded the company in May 2016 and headquartered it in Bangalore.

Padamraj shares, "It was after extensive research and product testing of almost seven to eight years that the final product was launched in the market."

Team Digilux

Team behind Digilux

Mahaveer K Bagrecha: He has had experience in the semiconductor, electronics, e-surveillance, and hospitality industries. His background in finance and operations helped in the foundation of Digilux Automation Pvt Ltd.

Mr. MAK: He has experience in system architecture. He played a huge role in developing their automation solution.

Padamraj K Bagrecha: He has over a decade’s work experience in the fields of home automation, e-surveillance, security, and high-end AV solutions.

In total, Digilux is a 10-member-strong team today.

So what does Digilux actually do?

Digilux is into manufacturing of home automation systems. This system can be integrated with the IoT platform for energy monitoring and can be further used for feedback and data analysis.

It is a retrofit home automation solution to control an entire home through the touch of a few buttons on your mobile.

Core product/service

It consists of a touch-based switch control system with a handheld remote. A gateway for smartphone control is available.

IR, IP, and RS232 controllers for third-party device control.

RGB controller, energy monitoring, and apps for a smart living. It lets you integrate the product with any existing or new controllers as well. It works within a wide power range and hence can incorporated in different power conditions.

Below are the available functionalities in the Digilux home automation system

  • The touch switch panel is available in 4 & 8 modules. It comes with on/off Controls, dimming controls, scenario controls, fan control, master on/off controls, last status, and memory recall functionalities.
  • The lights, dimmers, fan, and motorised curtains can be operated using the touch switch panel or a remote. It can also be operated through the simple mobile application available on Android and iOS platform.
  • All IR devices and RGB lights can be controlled using the Digilux app with the use of additional hardware.

Revenue growth and projection

According to Padamraj, "Our revenue has steadily grown over the past few years. In the next three years, our forecast is to generate a revenue five times the current figure.”

Market size

Builders providing home automation solutions to their home-owners comes as a huge market segment for them. Individual home owners and corporates for boardroom solutions are their target market.

Mahaveer adds, "With the increasing awareness of home automation, we see a surge in the market where 50-60 percent of new homeowners will go ahead with automating their homes."

60-70 percent of people renovating their existing homes can opt for this technology.

Monetisation strategy

They intend to build a dealer/system integrator model where they tie up with SI's across India to provide the solution to end users.

For the intentional market, they plan to have a distributor network in place. They already have some experience centres present in Bengaluru, Goa, Mysore, Hassan, Mangalore, Bhubaneswar, and more.