The men's guide to dressing up for an executive interview

The men's guide to dressing up for an executive interview

Monday February 27, 2017,

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The first impression you make on your interviewer will decide whether or not you land your dream job. It is therefore a fatal mistake to disregard your choice of attire for an upcoming interview. Men's formal dressing has remained fairly static over the past few years. In fact, whether you're applying for an entree-level position or for the post of a manager, there isn't a wide variety of options in interview clothes for men. A lot of men in our country tend to overlook the importance of dressing for success. They highly rely on their skill set and the art of conversation to help them get the job. Here is a quick guide on how to dress to impress for an interview.

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

Find out about the work environment

Do some research to determine the office style that your prospective company abides by. No matter how casual your company's work setting, never show up in your favorite pair of denims and t-shirt as it will immediately reflect on your laid-back attitude. You can check with the Human Resources department if the organisation has a strict dress code. If you are interviewing for a job in private banking or consulting, you need to respect the traditions your intended company has been following for centuries and dress up to match their standards.

Suit up

While your clothes form an important part of your personality, they shouldn't overpower your experience and varied skills. One can hardly go wrong with a steel grey or navy suit. The key is to dress up without coming across as showy. Whatever you put on has to be crisp and freshly-ironed. If you're confused as to what pattern to go with, stick with solids as pinstripes might come across as garish. No matter what you wear, keep it classy and fabulous.


If you grow a moustache or a beard, make sure it is freshly-trimmed. If not, shave one day prior or on the day of the interview to avoid looking unkempt. Preventing razor burns and cuts while shaving is important as you don't want to come across as sloppy. The same goes for nail grooming. If getting a manicure done is not feasible, at least cut your nails and clean them so you don't look like you've been hauling bricks for days before coming to the interview. Not only will good grooming make you stand out in the crowd, but it will also boost your self-confidence.

Shirts and ties

Keep your shirt selection as crisp and white as possible. If you want to avoid any cufflink mistakes, say no to French cuffs. The tie you select is very important as it is the first thing anyone notices in a man's outfit. A small dotted or classic striped tie works well if the pattern is neat and not too loud. Bow-ties and pocket squares are completely out of question. Make sure that your concentration doesn't suffer in your quest to impress.

It is striking how many men go wrong when it comes to dressing up for an interview. Follow the above mentioned tips and you're sure to grab the attention of the right people and get your dream job.