10 job profiles which will pay much higher by 2020

10 job profiles which will pay much higher by 2020

Tuesday February 28, 2017,

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The job landscape is expected to undergo fundamental changes over the next few years. There will be certain occupations that might be completely wiped out and the world will witness the emergence of entirely new and advanced job profiles. Demographical changes and technological progress will increase the demand of certain careers and individuals employed in those positions will receive a superior pay package. We've compiled a list of 10 job profiles that are likely to pay much higher by 2020:


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Ethical hacker

Many companies are hiring experts to deliberately hack their systems in order to pin-point problems in safety measures before their less ethical contemporaries get the chance to do the same.


These disease wizards work to find out the cause of various illnesses and ailments and review sterilisation procedures that will give the world the best preventive health care measures.

Front end web developer

Also known as front end engineers, these developers come up with ideas and insights that will work best for a user who is surfing his favorite website. These geniuses will help companies interact with online customers in a way that will determine their future success.

Food chemist

These gurus are assigned the task of developing and improving the taste and texture of various food items. Given our fondness for trendy foods and fashionable diets, the future of food chemistry looks increasingly bright.


These professionals use intricate computer software to track the activity of goods and products and make the process of buying smoother and more efficient for a customer.


These business experts use statistics and math to evaluate the financial consequences of risk for banks, insurance companies, consulting firms, as well as the Government.

Data analyst

Data analysts will become increasingly significant in all industries by the year 2020. Companies will need these experts to make sense of all the data generated by technological disruptions.

Product designer

A lot of mechanical jobs can be automated. Creative jobs will, however, remain human. Product designers sketch and develop merchandise like cars, gadgets, appliances, and other manufactured goods. With the world progressively leaning towards consumerism, this skill will be highly paid by 2020.

Information Technology expert

As more technology flourishes, IT professionals such as security specialists, programmers, and administrators will continue to get high pay packages and this trend will continue way beyond 2020.

International lawyer

As the importance of global trade and business grows, companies across all sectors will be looking for individuals who will possess the education, skill set and experience to navigate areas like tax codes, international law, environmental regulations and work ethics.

Hard work and motivation can help you move up the career ladder in every field. However, if you're yet to choose your vocation or are looking to make the switch from your current job profile, you can consider the above list which focuses on those fields that have been adding to their ranks over the past decade and that are expected to continue expanding well into the next decade.