4 digital marketing tactics that did not work until now

4 digital marketing tactics that did not work until now

Friday February 24, 2017,

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Out of seven billion people in this world, about 170 million of us use social media on a regular basis. People are consuming more and more digital content, and with the numbers soaring high, conventional methods of marketing will be replaced by digital ones. Digital marketing brings with itself a number of pros. For starters, it is a great deal cheaper than conventional marketing.

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

Ever since the term ‘digital marketing’ was coined back in the 1990s. With the creation of Web 1.0, digital marketing became the new trend, and it has not looked back. As users evolve, newer tactics of digital marketing are emerging each day and marketers need to keep up with them. But some previously ineffective tactics have proven their efficiency in today’s world. These include:

Mobile first

A study shows that a majority of the searches in over 10 countries are done on mobile devices. Although desktops continue to reign supreme when it comes to e-commerce, this dominance might soon come to an end. These indices are particularly important to those businesses that are optimising their websites. So it’s imperative for the marketers to understand how e-commerce works, especially on mobile devices.

YouTube ads

YouTube ads have seen significant evolution since their inception. Earlier, YouTube incorporated random and completely off-place ads on every other video, but of late, the video sharing site has worked towards improving the context and relevance of the ads to the users. Suppose you are watching a tech first impressions or a lifestyle video, YouTube will display ads that are contextually relevant, like the ad of a mobile phone. This trend is going to help marketers better pinpoint potential customers.

Content designed for SEO

SEO may be a much-criticised aspect of digital marketing that can turn from pleasure to pain in a matter of second for marketers alike. But the future of SEO looks very bright, with more and more companies adding myriad content in their SEO. It only goes on to say how inclusive the whole ordeal has become considering how ‘spammy’ it used to be in the earlier days. In order to make SEO survive, businesses must find a creative way to pop up on the top of searches.

Yes to shopify

When it came to a shopping platform for search queries and consumer interest, Magneto has been the number one player for years until recently, when Shopify overtook the numero uno position. This is attributed to a number of factors that played on their behalf, the most important being that it’s easier to use and has a number of fantastic apps. Shopify is also great at managing a physical store as well as an e-commerce platform.

It is very important for digital marketers to be on par with the trends. Otherwise, they’d have to fall behind the rest and bear the consequences that are sure to follow.