Why brand purpose requires more than just a snappy slogan

Why brand purpose requires more than just a snappy slogan

Wednesday March 01, 2017,

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From Nirma Washing Powder’s famous ‘Jaya, Rekha, Sushma…’ advertisement to Airtel’s more recent ‘Har ek friend zaroori hota’ jingle, there is something about a snappy slogan that makes a brand stand out in our memories.

However, as advertising evolved from television sets to the web, marketers can’t help wondering if a catchy slogan is enough to build a brand. The answer would be a no, because a slogan or a tagline is a reflection of what a company’s brand values. And unless there’s something outside-the-box in this, you might have a hard time convincing consumers.


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Companies need to constantly evolve as brands, striking connections with consumers through authentic content. There are several options open to you, whereby you could clarify your brand’s purpose more effectively. Read on to discover a few of them.


Before you start out it might be important to learn the basics. Spend some time to identify the purpose of your brand. Once you are through with that, you could review case studies and expert views to know what works for a brand like yours. Learning from other people’s mistakes saves you from wasting time committing them again.

Social media

The phenomenal rise of social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook can hardly be ignored. Expanding a brand’s presence of social media gives it visibility. Brands could tie-up with social media influencers and bloggers for good reviews. Alternatively, there is always the option of advertising on these websites.

Logos and designing

Remember the popular Amul Girl who has a witty one-liner ready for almost everything that’s making news? For most millennials, the Amul Girl is a fond character. An interactive logo can go a long way in striking a connect with consumers. Who could ever forget Coca-Cola’s classic red-and-white logo or the famous ship in on every packet of an Old Navy product? Logos and packaging help etch a brand’s image in the customer’s mind. Needless to say, the clearer the image, the more it will resonate with the public.

Engaging consumers

A brand’s popularity is associated with its utility to a consumer. Companies could use the feedback they get from consumers to build their brand. A study by IBM showed that over 88 percent CEOs considered ‘getting closer to customer’ as their priority.


It can be tough to break the ice with consumers but it doesn’t necessarily have to be time-taking. Promotional activities are a great way to lead on a consumer to your brand or even spark up things in an off-season. From events to contests to even sales, there are many options open for brands to lure consumers.

While these strategies will eventually help you communicate your brand’s purpose more effectively, it would be better if you choose to employ a mix of options rather than bank on a single mechanism. Brands like Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Ford, and The Body Shop are classic examples of using design, logos, social media outreach, and promotions as a package to make more noise among consumers.