The importance of a fun work culture in a startup

The importance of a fun work culture in a startup

Wednesday March 01, 2017,

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Today, a company's work culture is more important than ever. A workplace shouldn't be something people dread to show up to each day. In fact, employees should miss working in their days off as they can't get enough of the challenges they face at work and the fun environment of the organisation. It is a well-known fact that companies that encourage play are the ones where people do their best work. From celebrating the big achievements to savoring the little things, building a strong company culture that inspires both team work and healthy competition isn't difficult and doesn't weigh down your pockets. The right company culture sustains employee enthusiasm. Here's why building a fun work environment is important for a startup.


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Employee sustainment

At a startup, employees that are valued for their contribution to the business experience high morale and a positive attitude towards the organization. Workers who feel welcome and valued each day are loyal to their company, which reduces employee turnover in the long run. Recruiting new employees and training them results in increased costs which isn't good for any startup. Hence, maintaining a fun work culture is imperative for employee retention.

Employee output

The high morale of employees in a startup with a fun and healthy corporate culture increases productivity. When workers are passionate about their work and mindful about their contribution to the company, the financial health of an organisation improves and the profits increase. The efficiency of your startup can be measured by the productivity level of each employee that is working for you. Thus, if you want to improve employee output and take your startup to greater heights of success, a pleasant work culture is of utmost importance.

Company prestige

Startups with a fun work culture gain a positive reputation among potential workers which may attract talented employees to the organisation. In addition, a well-regarded brand reputation allows the startup to charge a higher fee to their clients and a steeper price for their products and services to customers. This not only increases the value of the company in the financial market, but also encourages vendors and suppliers to do business with a startup which they otherwise wouldn't consider doing.

Better quality goods

Fun startup cultures encourage employees to deliver good quality products and services. Companies that value the importance of a healthy work environment drive their employees to produce high-standard goods which benefit both parties in the long run. When an employee is happy and satisfied with his company environ, it reflects in his work. Therefore, it is imperative to focus on company culture for the growth of a startup.

Millennials have stressed time and again that they require a fun and flexible work environment to consider getting employed with a startup. It is best to allow your company culture to be designed and built by your employees so that they have a feeling of homeliness and satisfaction even when at work.