Tips for marketing companies to marketing themselves


It is difficult to imagine where iconic brands like Britannia, Maybelline New York, or even Cadbury’s would be had it not been for their witty slogans and taglines. Well, kudos to the brains behind such unforgettable campaigns — the marketers — for making them memorable even after so many years.

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As marketing agencies dole out stellar campaigns for their clients, one can’t help wonder what sets each of them apart, that is to say, given that most marketing agencies do not advertise or promote themselves, what keeps the customers flocking to their desks? Most companies let their work do the talking, but considering the viral nature of content today, thanks to social media, experts feel that marketing agencies should market themselves to highlight their contribution to higher profit margins.

It isn’t that companies are not appreciative of what the marketing departments are doing but it turns out their focus is more towards the executional parts like brand management, corporate communication, and advertising. It is important for companies to understand that marketing is the pivot that upholds brands and reputations. Here are a few ways marketing agencies can carve a niche for themselves:

Networking: It never hurt anybody to have too many contacts, did it? A good network of contacts can help marketing agencies establish a reputation for themselves. Good networking can help you not only strike a better connect with clients but also give you insight into the functioning of the industry.

Public relations: While you might have done this for your clients, don’t back away when it is your turn. Apart from keeping a company in the limelight, good press coverage can help a company expand its network. Marketing agencies could get in touch with bloggers and print publications for interviews or analysis pieces.

Social media: With the internet’s habit of losing its calm over every other thing, marketing agencies’ chances of making it big on social media are huge. Social media campaigns have helped marketing agencies propel public support in the past — the trick here is not to be an over-enthusiastic salesman. In 2016, Ogilvy & Mather India got an overwhelming response to a campaign against acid attacks on social media. Called ‘Make Love, Not Scars’, the campaign went on to win many national and international awards.

Events: For most marketers, company events are mostly about gifts and free food. Well, with their own events, marketing agencies could take charge of their marketing campaign. Alternatively, you could partner with industry associations for sponsorship, which will also help you expand your network.

Awards: Come one, come all! There is no better validation for your work than getting publicly recognised for it. Ditto for marketing agencies. While there are a few credible organisations that hand out awards to marketing agencies, networking with judges, nominees, and clients can help companies develop their social profile.

While there are various other ways in which marketing agencies could pitch themselves, taking small steps is better than not trying at all, for we all know what happens when you miss the boat!


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