5 benefits of working with social media influencers

5 benefits of working with social media influencers

Wednesday March 01, 2017,

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‘Glocal’ is the new trend in businesses, so much so that even Amazon couldn’t keep its hands off it. Thus the entry of Amazon Now for hyperlocal grocery delivery. This would not have been possible without heavy social media promotion. Not all businesses have the luxury of spending heavily on promotions and brand visibility. This does not necessarily mean that small businesses should lag behind. Social media is a powerful platform and the best thing about it is that leveraging it doesn’t cost much.

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

Social media influencers are those people who have a huge fan base on social media and agree to endorse or promote your brand for you. Partnering with such influencers helps with creating brand awareness, visibility, conversions, and with target-based marketing.

Listed below are few benefits of working with social media influencers:

Brand awareness and reach

Getting a local celebrity or a social media influencer to talk about your product is a great way to say hi to the world. It’s an efficient and quick way to let people know that you exist and create customer interest by driving traffic to your own page. A McKinsey report revealed that word-of-mouth works twice as effectively as paid ads sales.

Effective, quick, and cost efficient

A campaign or channel which has these properties is a marketer’s dream. Influencer marketing involves a little basic work with good returns. Most of the time is spent is in finding the right influencer. But once this is done, it costs peanuts to get your word out there.


Gaining consumer trust and credibility takes time. Brands have spent years to achieve that. However, with influencer marketing, the job becomes easier. As influencers are third parties, consumers are more likely to trust them when they speak about a product favourably. Thus, working with influencers also leads to conversions.


People have been wracking their heads to get SEO right. One of these ways is to get backlinks to your products or brands. Influencers can contribute massively here. Genuine and organic links are created when influencers post about your product. Also, teaming up with influencers for features and reviews of your products will not only help to build high-quality links to drive traffic but also optimise your search engine ranking.

Drive conversions

In a purchase decision, influencers play a major role. Buyers involve their families and friends in the decision to buy a product. Sometimes, when answers do not seem to make sense there, people turn to social media reviews, recommendations, product endorsements, and features to zero down on the product. If your product is an option for the customer, a positive word from an influential person can drive them to buy it.

Influencer marketing works favorably for the overall branding and reputation of a company. Working with influencers whose profiles match the values and offerings of your company is the key to crack this job.