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Java programming and digital marketing hot jobs of 2017

Java programming and digital marketing hot jobs of 2017

Thursday April 06, 2017 , 4 min Read

Looking for 2017's hot jobs? This year, Core Java professionals lead the pack with an average annual CTC of Rs 18.06 lakh, followed by digital marketing professionals with a CTC of Rs 17.09 lakh, and testing automation engineers at a CTC of Rs 14.67 lakh.

 Highest paying job functions across all experience levels

Top 3 functionsAverage annual CTC in INR
Rank 1 - Sales – IT16.7 lakh
Rank 2 - IT professionals16.1 lakh
Rank 3 - Strategy and consulting15.6 lakh

According to the 2017 Salary Trends Study released by HR services provider Randstad, the roles that are presently in strong demand in the job market across industries and pay relatively higher remunerations for talent in the six-10- years-of-experience bracket when compared to other professionals in the same salary range are those of Core Java developers, digital marketers, and testing automation engineers.

Hot jobs of 2017

RankJob titleAverage annual CTC in INR
1Core Java professionals18.06 lakh
2Digital marketing17.09 lakh
3Testing automation engineers14.67 lakh
4Axapta consultant13.52 lakh
5Hadoop & big data professionals10.62 lakh
6Product engineering specialists10.38 lakh
7Android engineers10.01 lakh
8Finance controller9.64 lakh
9Solution architect8.95 lakh
10R&D analyst - API (pharma)8.54 lakh

The study also revealed the top paymasters in India. FMCG companies top the chart. Employees in this sector receive the highest pay with an average annual CTC of Rs 11.3 lakh. The power and IT sectors are the second and third highest paying sectors. In terms of city-specific trends, Bengaluru takes the cake and is the highest paying city for talent across all levels and industries.

The Randstad Salary Trends Study 2017 analysed 1,00,000 jobs across 20 industry verticals and 15 core functions.



There is a huge demand for experienced and qualified personnel in sales and marketing and supply chain management roles in the FMCG sector. The study says close to 30 percent of jobs are posted in the over-10-lakh category, which is seen as a primary driver for the FMCG industry to emerge as the winner.

FMCG is followed by the power sector, where employees across all levels and functions get an average annual salary of Rs 9.8 lakh. The IT sector comes third with employees earning an average salary of Rs 9.3 lakh. Pharma and healthcare with an average annual CTC of Rs 8.8 lakh and telecom at Rs 8.7 lakh take the fourth and fifth positions in the list as India's most lucrative industries, the study reveals.

In this tight job market scenario, it pays to know the salary trends as well as which cities offer the best pay cheques.  

City-wise highest paying job functions

CityFunctionAverage annual CTC in INR
 Bengaluru1. IT professionals17.5 lakh
2. Sales - IT17.4 lakh
3. Sales - BFSI17.3 lakh
 Mumbai1. IT professionals17.4 lakh
2. Sales - IT16.8 lakh
3. Strategy & consulting16.1 lakh
 Hyderabad1.Technical operations (telecom)17.5 lakh
2. Strategy & consulting17.2 lakh
3. Sales - BFSI16.6 lakh

India’s IT capital, Bengaluru, tops the chart as the highest paying city in the country with an average annual CTC paid for talent across all levels and functions standing at Rs 14.6 lakh. Next comes Mumbai, where the average annual salary stands at Rs 14.2 lakh, after which come Hyderabad and NCR with an average annual CTC figure of Rs 13.6 lakh and Rs 13.5 lakh respectively. Chennai (Rs 13.4 lakh), Pune (Rs 13.2 lakh), and Kolkata (Rs 11.4 lakh) are the other three cities named in the study.

Highest paying industries by experience level

Senior-level talent (15 years+)
Top 3 industriesAverage annual CTC in INR
Rank 1 - E-commerce34.0 lakh
Rank 2 - IT33.7 lakh
Rank 3 - ITeS31.6 lakh
Mid-level talent (6-15 years)
Top 3 industriesAverage annual CTC in INR
Rank 1 - E-commerce13.0 lakh
Rank 2 - IT11.1 lakh
Rank 3 - Telecom10.9 lakh
Junior-level talent (0-6 years)
Top 3 industriesAverage annual CTC in INR
Rank 1 - Pharma and healthcare7.0 lakh
Rank 2 - IT6.5 lakh
Rank 3 - Power5.5 lakh

Moorthy K Uppaluri, MD & CEO of Randstad India, said, "In a country like India where job loyalty is considerably low, salary becomes one of the most critical parameters that the workforce takes into consideration while changing jobs. For employers too, it is imperative to get the internal compensation structure right, which is primarily a function of various facets like capability, experience, location, job profile, and industry of operation.”