Best five resources for free newsletter templates


Getting the right design of your newspaper templates for your business is extremely important. You might have subscribed to a number of newsletters to impress your clients with your attention to aesthetics, but failed at finding the right one.

We have made a list of templates that don’t cost a thing and yet, look great.

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Litmus is a collection of free email templates with a specific category for marketing newsletters called Pook. The newsletter designs that come under Pook are minimalistic, modern, and fun. With templates that have been tested on various email services, Litmus is able to give you a preview of what the newsletter will look like in different email clients.

Email On Acid

Email On Acid has one template only, but it is extremely optimised for various email services and a multiscreen culture. The template comes with three different layouts that come into play on the basis of the recipient’s device. While the original layout supports three column newsletters, when reading on a mobile device, it gets converted to a single column email. All in all, Email On Acid provides a great looking template with minimalistic colours and a very smart appearance.


Zurb Ink provides five email templates for free. The newsletter template is highly customisable in terms of colours, images, and text. Like Litmus, Zurb Ink studios have also tested their template across several email clients and have screenshots to guide users on the final look and feel. One caveat – Zurb Ink templates are not optimised for Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013.


Antwort lets users download three different templates with one-, two-, and three-column layouts. The templates have a minimalistic design and are optimised for mobile viewing where all three templates appear single column.


Themezy is incredibly generous with its newsletter templates with 16 templates available for free download and you don’t even have to register with their database to download them. All of Themezy’s templates are highly customisable and come in different layouts and colour schemes. These templates too are optimised for multiple screens and look just as good on mobile as they do on a laptop.