3 simple but proven ways to become more productive

3 simple but proven ways to become more productive

Wednesday April 12, 2017,

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Achieving productivity in personal as well as professional life isn't as difficult as it seems. One simply needs to minimise distractions, have self-control and instil new habits that encourage constructiveness. You must have read several articles on how to become a more productive person, but how many of you have implemented in real life the habits you read about? If you have tried, failed, and tried yet again to be more effective, now's not the time to give up. Combine working hard with working smart and add a dash of courage to that equation and you have the perfect formula for achieving high levels of productivity. In this article, we've listed down the three simplest ways to boost your productivity. Hope it helps you get farther than you did the last time around.

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

Avoid checking your phone and mails first thing in the morning

When you open your eyes in the morning and immediately take your phone in your hand, you end up neglecting the most important thing – yourself. Get rid of the habit of checking emails and social media as soon you roll out of bed. Instead, keep your phone switched off and concentrate on going for your daily run or reading a book. Inculcating habits like these will relax and rejuvenate you to face the day's tasks that lie ahead of you. Having a healthy breakfast will prepare you to tackle the most challenging task of the day while you're still at your productive best.

Work in time-slots

Working in time blocks will prove incredibly beneficial to you as you will be able to dedicate half an hour or a whole hour to complete the task at hand with no distractions whatsoever. The biggest thing that hampers productivity is interruptions that vie for your energy and attention. When you work in time slots without the temptation of browsing through Facebook or checking your email, you are not only able to complete the task at hand quickly, but you're also able to complete a larger amount of tasks in a given day.

Make smart use of your breaks

After you've worked for a whole hour without any distractions, allow yourself to eat a healthy snack while browsing through your phone in the 10-15 minutes break that follows after. Better yet, get up from your chair and move around office and talk to your colleagues. If you have a cubicle of your own, do some stretching exercises. Such activities during your breaks will take your mind off work temporarily and rejuvenate you to get back to work with renewed energy and focus. Hourly breaks are a must if you want to avoid burning yourself out completely.

Avoid multitasking as it offers too many distractions and you end up accomplishing very little by the end of the day. Instead, commit yourself to a few tasks and focus on finishing those tasks with diligence and you'll witness a rise in your productivity levels in the long run.