Plano, Texas now has mobile app FixIt Plano to report excess water usage


Wastage of water, as minute as it might seem, is a real problem and Plano in Texas, United States is doing just the needful to put a check to water leaks and also potholes, broken street lights and all sorts of trash. The people of Plano now have access to a mobile app that will report to the City Hall with a 'hall-of-shame' picture if they have unclean neighbours and unattended streets.

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A New York City-based startup PublicStuff has come up with this app FixIt Plano which can be downloaded for free.

Speaking with GreenBiz, electronics communication manager for Plano said,

When we enabled people to report watering violations, the use of our PublicStuff website and app really skyrocketed. Being able to tag a picture to it makes it a valuable tool. The technology puts the reporting capability in their hands and they can make that report as they see the issue.

When Plano was under a severe drought, the city's administrative authorities instructed its residents to confine watering their yards to just once every week. The drive-by stretch of the city despite turning brown in colour from green didn't quite catch any immediate attention, also thanks to the then existing water shortage in the city.

When this picture is sent with the date, time and location, real-time tracking starts while the report is consequently sent documenting the excessive water usage. The app has been garnering plenty of positive attention with 71 reports already filed in the first 19 days.

Steve Stoler, director of media relations for Plano in a chat with NBC Dallas Fort-Worth said that reports of water restriction violations are the primary ones while potholes are second.

Because we have such a volume of potholes that need to be fixed it's going to be a little bit slower, but usually within a matter of days the pothole will be fixed.

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