These 5 simple changes in your life will help you stay happy at work

These 5 simple changes in your life will help you stay happy at work

Tuesday August 29, 2017,

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Has Monday become Mourn-day for you? Do you wish to weed out Wednesday? Do late nights on Fridays fry your brain? If the week is making you weak, use these simple yet effective ways to take charge of your happiness, one day and week at a time.

A to-do list is a must-do

A diary and pen have been put to many uses in the past. They have held accounts of historical and cultural importance, and been home to some of the most wonderful stories ever written. Together, a diary and a pen have moved mountains and undone what was once considered irrevocable. Needless to say, their coalition has always brought about invigorating results.

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

On the basis of such monumental testimony, a diary and a pen can bring about viable changes in your life and a smile on your face as well. All you have to do is create a list of things you wish to accomplish each day. These need not be things of physical struggle or mental exertion only, but could even be everyday mundane things. The idea is to up your tempo and feel the satisfaction of finishing a job and putting a line across a job done. Creating and then slashing to-do lists is a psychological saviour and can lift sagging spirits in no time.

Have boss mornings!

Why just set your alarm to a silly old tune when you can wake up to your favorite song? Why start the day with reading the newspaper when Asterix or Archies are not far from the table? Why order breakfast from outside when a homemade sunny side up can light up your face?

Mornings are new beginnings. Like all new beginnings, they must be celebrated and rejoiced. If you care enough to make room for great mornings in your life, your days will make room for your happiness too. If you find the word ‘great’ too intimidating and requiring too much effort, know that greatness is but the result of goodness. In this case, doing those things in the morning that make you feel good will make you feel great for the rest of the day.

Don’t let bad habit tempt you

If you have once decided to change your mornings into really good mornings, you should have decided it forever. That’s the power of intention and focus. Initially, words like focus and intention might not really seem achievable. During these initial testing times, you must display the best of your character and use inner strength to stay on the path you’ve chosen to walk on. Sure, happiness is hard work in the beginning, but sooner rather than later, it becomes the very thing that keeps you together.

Partner up!

According to, “Teaming up with someone not only helps hold you accountable, but it makes the work day eons more exciting and rewarding. Join forces with someone from your entrepreneurial community, a friend, or a family member to update on your progress and bounce your energy off.”

Happiness is a team effort. Even when you are working at it all by yourself, you are teaming up with your Will, Courage, Knowledge and Strength. Then why not with include another human being? When you team up with someone who has a similar goal in mind, you can push each other whenever any one of you feels like giving up.

Stay organised to stay happy

According to Adam Toren, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of, “Keep your business plans and documented progress in a neat and easily accessible spot. Work on one or two tasks at a time instead of taking on everything at once. An organized mindset is a productive and passionate one.”

All of nature lives and breathes in rhythm. Man alone often finds himself in a state of inner imbalance. However, it’s never too late to reverse the ills that infect humanity as a result. From to-do lists to being consistent in when and what you eat to everything else – when you restore your inner balance, the sunshine glow of happiness will last a lifetime.

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