Use these 3 tried and tested methods to capture your consumer's heart!

Use these 3 tried and tested methods to capture your consumer's heart!

Monday August 28, 2017,

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Isn’t there something about a phone call from a client or a testimonial from a customer that can make you jump? Especially if it’s a grievance call or a stinker email. It can make you curse the client, curse yourself, and then eventually take it all out on a colleague or your spouse. Now think again, but this time about a call that’s made in enormous gratitude, or an email that tells you about the difference your product has made to a customer’s life. Now you are jumping with joy – the flowers seem a little brighter, and your partner more divine than ever.


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The work-life connect affects all those who are trying to balance their way through work and life. In short, your day at work often determines your mood at home, and vice-versa. While keeping folks at home happy is a topic for another day, for now let’s see how you can make sure that your customers never tire of saying “Wow!” to your products, and in turn, keep you happy and at ease.

Happiness is receiving a hand-written note

According to an article on, “What shows your customer that you went that extra mile? A handwritten note! We don't get enough (or any) handwritten notes these days. But remember when you used to receive a letter or postcard in the mail from your best friend, and how excited that made you?”

A personalized handwritten note goes a long way. It says many or all of the following things about how you think about your customers:

  • You took time off your busy schedule to write a lovely note
  • You know your customers by their first name
  • You warmed a cold carton box with a warm greeting

The honesty of your communication will certainly strike a chord with the receiver. It could be a simple “Thank you for choosing us, Natasha. We hope you enjoy your purchase.” As long as it’s done earnestly and with care for details, it’ll hit the right notes with your customers. When it does, they will send the social media platforms into a tizzy by sharing this small but thoughtful gesture.

Happiness is a beautifully-packaged product

Statistically speaking, in 2016, shoppers made 51 percent of their purchases online. With online purchases becoming the norm, a crucial aspect of purchase is often ignored – the purchase itself.

A few decades ago, going to a shop was an occasion. Looking through the products, negotiating for price, and understanding quality were all little gifts we gave ourselves during the whole experience. The final purchase itself, clothed in a fresh polythene bag, was a sheer delight. The missing link to happiness is hard to reverse in our times of plastic money and invisible shops. But there’s one way, and it’s called packaging.

To create the ultimate unboxing experience is not an easy thing. You can’t simply throw a brochure and tidbits together, and hope for it to bring a smile on your customer’s face. It has to be carefully thought through – the production costs must be considered and, more importantly, the contents of the box, besides the ordered product of course. The requirements of packing a jewellery box are different from shipping a box of sweets or books. But the idea is to make unwrapping them all memorable, and at the same time intimate the receiver about your range of products. The best solution would be to spend a bit of effort in cracking a unique box packaging that can be replicated across product categories because of its neutrality.

Happiness is receiving a surprise gift

So you just got a haircut done. It looks good on you, and you are comfortable with the new look. You are already thankful for choosing this salon. Now imagine your reaction when on receiving the bill, you also receive a small goody bag. You open it and find in it a piece of wooden neckpiece with a note that says, “Something to go with your new look. Hope you love it on yourself as much as we do.” You try it on with trembling hands and viola, it’s perfect! Wouldn’t you scream with joy? You would, and then some more on social media.

As a business, it pays to keep your customers happy. Little surprises go a long way. They help you move beyond the customer-client barrier and become friends instead. After all, who would a customer trust every time they need a haircut, or need to purchase a book or a laptop? A chum, of course!

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