This Bengaluru petrol station offers its customers free food

This Bengaluru petrol station offers its customers free food

Tuesday September 12, 2017,

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In association with the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), Venkateshwara Service Station (VSS), located near Indiranagar RTO on Old Madras Road, is offering free food to the people who stop to refuel their vehicles there.

Image Source: Bangalore Mirror (L)

The initiative was launched keeping in mind that most people in Bengaluru end up skipping their meals owing to hectic schedules, with the city's traffic keeping them on the roads for hours at a time. When people skip meals on a regular basis, it takes a toll on their health. VSS came up with the idea in collaboration with the IOC to ensure that this does not happen.

Prakash Rao, the proprietor of this five-decade-old service station, says that the initiative will work as no matter how busy a person's schedule might be, they will have to stop to get their vehicles refuelled. It is during this time that they will be served free packed meals.

Breakfast, meals, and snacks — both vegetarian and non-vegetarian — which will take under five minutes to pack, are served by the station. The meals are available throughout the day, seven days a week.

At present, the cost for these meals is being taken care of by Prakash and his team, with a certain amount being reimbursed by the IOC. The meals will be served free for a month, after which they will be available at affordable rates.

Though they are aware that they will face huge losses due to this initiative, the team is not worried and is hoping for the service to gain momentum. They further hope to launch this initiative at 100 other IOC petrol stations.

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