6 ways to increase conversations on social media platforms

6 ways to increase conversations on social media platforms

Wednesday September 27, 2017,

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In today’s day and age, survival without social media is next to impossible. Advertisers and marketers swear by social media platforms and its usage since it boosts conversion and engagement in customers. Slowly but surely social media has transformed itself into a way for smaller companies to reach out to the masses with ease. The not only use this method to convince people, but also convert or take the leap of faith.

The reason why it has been so successful is because people today have been using the tried and tested methods of marketing of the olden days and implementing it in digital era. Marketers today have been trying to build that much needed relationship with the target audience to coax them into converting.


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Here is how you can create more conversions on social media and capitalize on the.

Create unique content for each platform

Furnishing the same content across all social media platforms will not really work. People that you choose to target are likely to be all over the social media platforms and the only way to appease them is to use content that is native to one social media platform.

Do not stick to only links

With so much information going in and out each minute on the internet, it’s very easy to get lost. To avoid this, a business must always refrain from using just links. Today, entertainment and content is varied and so are people’s needs, hence one must try and figure out the ways they can produce tailor made content that helps a person.

Keeping a check on your traffic 

A cardinal principle of all sorts of social media marketing entails the fact that one must always keep a close eye on the kind of content and links that attracts the most amount of traffic. A myriad of tools is available to help a person keep track of the same, most important of which is the Google’s URL builder which is going to help with capturing important documents.

Know your target audience

The best way to do this is to identify the perfect strategy that works for a niche of any social media platform. One can use the services of various third-party tools and software to identify influencers in a niche. Once that is identified, you will be able to target the right kind of audience that is likely to convert.

Simple check-out process

A complicated check out process is only going to steer a customer clear of buying the product that they had intended to buy. A simpler and a fairly easy process is more likely to increase the amount of purchases made. A clean process is more likely to expedite the process.

Providing an easy log-in system

This is the step that follows after a person has clicked on a promotional link. Many a times, you may find people clicking on a link but not logging in. You ought to check out the log in process and figure out if it’s easy for a first-timer or not. Always remember, less is more.

Whatever be the case, one must always try to keep a couple of things in mind, the first being the social media analytics while the second is ensuring a strong call-to-action button.