In sum, awesome: 17 reasons why you must attend TechSparks 2017!

In sum, awesome: 17 reasons why you must attend TechSparks 2017!

Monday September 04, 2017,

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India’s premier startup conference and showcase kicks off in Bengaluru on September 22-23: TechSparks! Each edition builds on the successes of the previous events, and here are at least 17 reasons why you must sign up for the 2017 edition.

If you’ve bought your tickets already, spread the word among other aspiring entrepreneurs as well. Unlike many other events which focus only on how to launch your startup, the theme of TechSparks this year is ‘Make it Matter’ – celebrating the impacts that arise from disruption. Come find out what are the business metrics of success, and go beyond activity outputs to impactful outcomes.

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1. Masterclasses

The conference is not a ‘talkshop,’ – you can choose from a wide range of workshops on problem-solving strategies, IP considerations, and growth hacking. For example, India reportedly has a design deficit when it comes to the tech space, and workshops on topics like UX and participatory design will help you build that creative edge for the best customer engagements.

2. Government speakers

One of the most exciting developments in India’s startup ecosystem from a policy point of view is the active support right from state ministers all the way up to our Prime Minister. From the Karnataka IT Ministry to NITI Aayog, come hear what top level support the government is giving startups and how you can benefit from it.

3. An array of MNCs to collaborate with

Multinational giants lead the way in tech offerings at scale, and through their corporate investment arms as well. TechSparks 2017 features valuable insights, tech roadmaps and avenues for collaboration straight from the movers and shakers at Intuit, Intel, Bayer, Siemens, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, GE, Nvidia, and more.

4. Indian industry leaders to learn from

Indian corporate and business conglomerates are actively courting Indian startups, despite obvious differences in organisational culture. They also offer useful lessons in what it takes to operate in India once you get to scale stage. Come hear from the stalwarts at Reliance, Tata, Future Group, Mindtree, and other corporate leaders in India.

5. Global connects

Indian startups have caught the attention of global players, from industry heavyweights and investors to government agencies and other entrepreneurs. Our country partner this year is Germany, a leader in industrial IoT, automotive, aviation electronics, and other sectors. Come see what new frontiers can open up for you, right from Silicon Valley to Europe.

6. Unicorns 

Hype aside, Indian unicorns have put our country’s market potential right in the global media eye. Come hear from the founders of India’s unicorns such as ShopClues. How do they balance and align the flows of global capital with domestic market share?

7. Rising stars 

Unicorns are just the tip of the iceberg – hot on their tails are a new breed of startups shooting their way to the top of India’s startup galaxy. Come hear from the founders of high-profile startups like BYJU’s, MoneyTap, Zoomcar, CureFit and others, on how they are innovating in uniquely Indian ways.

8. Hear a whole range of inspiring stories

Entrepreneurship is not just for techies but artistes as well, and who better than the movie and publishing fraternity to introduce us to new flavours of creativity? Check out the sessions by Susanne Khan and Divya Dutta. Also sharing their very inspiring stories are Samara Mahindra of The Carer Program and Chiki Sarkar of Juggernaut Books.

9. Meet the ace YS media team

For over nine years, the YourStory team has been tirelessly covering startups, entrepreneurs, and social changemakers in India. Come meet the team which has posted over 65,000 startup stories and research profiles, and share your excitement and story with us! If you have a million-dollar story to tell, who else but YourStory will get the word out to the world? 

10. Tech30 showcase and report

YourStory has mobilised the startup community once more and scoured the length and breadth of the country to come up with the top 30 emerging tech startups of India! A broad array of experts has helped us gather new inputs for choosing this year’s elite Tech30 line-up. YourStory will release its flagship annual publication, ‘The Tech30 Report’, with detailed insights into sectors ranging from e-commerce and mobile to ed-tech and healthcare. Guest authors will share the latest perspectives on trends, tools and tips.

11. Interact with VCs

At TechSparks 2017, you will get startups insights direct from a galaxy of ace investors from India and abroad. The line-up this year includes Blume, Kalaari, Inventus, Prime, Stellaris, Aarin and IdeaSpring. What do they look for in a startup team? When in your journey should you approach them, and how can you negotiate a win-win deal?

12. Interact with mentors and advisors

In addition to startups and investors, you will get to interact with industry experts, tech leaders and business mentors. The startup journey is long and arduous, and you need all the insights and support you can get from advisors, consultants, coaches, trainers, and more – right at TechSparks 2017. 

13. Meet others like yourself!

The best source of learning for startups is, well, other startups! Come bond and debate with fellow entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs) and share your narratives and experiences with them. Hundreds of pioneers of India’s startup ecosystem will be at TechSparks 2017: what a wealth of knowledge and potential partners for your own journey! 

14. Meet the exhibitors

In addition to technology and investment, startups need a wide range of services from design and hosting to marketing and talent management. Come meet over 50 solutions providers who will share their offerings and learnings with you in the exhibition space. Learn how to pitch like the best in the field, and benchmark yourself with your counterparts. 

15. Catch up on the latest trends

TechSparks is THE place and space to be at to find out the hottest emerging trends of the year – and even create a new trend yourself. What kinds of new intelligences will AI create? What new world does IoT really open up for us? Is Bitcoin the future for post-de-mo India? And what are the new trends on the ground, literally? For example, co-working spaces have taken the startup workforce by storm - come hear from players such as the new biggies in town, WeWork!

16. The big picture

India has completed 70 years of independence – is entrepreneurship the new wave of liberation for the country’s creative potential? Can startups unlock value while also creating new jobs? What opportunities and challenges open up in terms of digital infrastructure and online privacy? Come find out how India’s ‘youth dividend’ can ride the smartphone wave and transform the rural sector too.

17. Lots of fun things lined up as well!

In addition to competitions and giveaways, TechSparks 2017 has a range of fun things lined up for attendees. Entrepreneurs may be a bit crazy but they enjoy life to the fullest, as you will find out! More at the event…

All this is just a sample of the excitement you can find at TechSparks 2017 being held in Bengaluru on September 22-23. Don’t miss the excitement. Click here to your tickets now! (Use the code TS17EXCLUSIVE100 to get 50% off only today).