Here's how SDRs can avoid burnout with 3 easy steps

Here's how SDRs can avoid burnout with 3 easy steps

Wednesday October 25, 2017,

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Over the years, companies introduced separate verticals within their sales departments which resulted in enormous revenue growth. This segregation also led to the introduction of a sales development representative (SDR) - who is an insider sales rep that completely focuses on outbound prospecting. An SDR's profile is a high work rate and equally high risk, and is definitely no cakewalk. No one understands the grind quite like a SDR when it comes to prospecting, emailing and dialing from the time they enter office up until the time they leave for the day.

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The role of a SDR requires immense patience and they cannot afford to lose steam when things don't go their way. This ultimately leads to pent-up frustration and burnout. However, there are ways to avoid the classic burnout that so many SDRs are afraid of encountering. Here are a few methods you should take note of.

Celebrate small milestones

Your job won't always be rainbows and sunshine. Therefore, it is all the more important to celebrate the small successes along the way. When you do something to commemorate even the small milestones, you remind yourself that you are doing something positive on the job and making a difference. While the ultimate goal of a SDR is to book a meeting, it's important to count the small successes that happen along the way. When you do this, you not only gain the confidence to trudge along, but you also let others know that you are a small step closer to finalizing the meeting.

Focus on team culture

A team that stays together, wins together. SDRs should stay united in their efforts and introduce the team element into their culture. When the entire team hangs out outside work, they not only share tips and best practices, but they also end up having a whole lot of fun. The team spirit makes it a lot easier to deflect the inevitable rejection when you're surrounded by a supportive group of people that are in the trenches along with you.

Don't let rejection weigh you down

As an SDR, you need to understand that rejection is a part of your job and you need to be able to move on instead of taking it personally. Even though most SDRs are aware that rejection is inevitable, they still let it affect them on a personal level. If you let each rejection get to you, you will push yourself closer to a burnout faster than you think. Remember, when a prospect says 'no', they aren't saying no to you. They are saying no to the product and the company. When you learn to handle rejection on your job, you become better at what you do without trying too hard.

Being an SDR can launch your career to great heights if you use the experience wisely. Use the above mentioned tips to stay motivated and keep things in perspective to avoid burnout and excel at your job.

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