5 fun and effective ways to make money through social media

5 fun and effective ways to make money through social media

Thursday October 26, 2017,

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Online business has witnessed a boom over the past few years and it is no surprise that people from all walks of life are making millions from social media sites. There are several money-making options on social media. Some methods are more lucrative than others. Every social media outlet has helped users turn their hobbies into businesses. The rise of Instagram influencers and YouTube business moguls bears testament to this fact.

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

Here are five ways in which you can earn millions on social media:

Promote affiliate products

Whether you're in the fashion business or part of the technology industry, you can find great products to promote on ClickBank. You can also become an Amazon Associate by promoting the products of your choice and earning commission on them. However, instead of spamming your Twitter with promotional links, post honest reviews about the products you're promoting on your blog or on Facebook. Make sure you mention what you like and don't like about the product. When your followers begin to look forward to your reviews, you'll earn quick money.

Start an influencer marketing consultancy

Hundreds of brands across various industries indulge in social media influencer marketing. However, with the sheer volume of influencers out there, brands have a hard time picking out the genuine ones from the crowd. That's where your influencer marketing consultancy steps in. You help brands identify the right influencers for their campaign and guide them each step of the way – right from communicating with the influencers on a daily basis to measuring the success of the campaign.

Start a business on Instagram

Do you have a great sense of style? Are your friends always enquiring where you purchased your latest pair of heels from? Why not make a business out of your hobby? Create a business account on Instagram and start posting beautiful pictures of your latest purchases. You can buy fashion items in bulk and sell them online and earn big bucks by doing what you love.

Become a freelance social media manager

Social media is constantly evolving. Due to this, the average business owner finds it time-consuming and challenging to stay updated with the best practices that can boost their digital presence. This is why social media management is one of the most in-demand freelance specialties. Also, it pays extremely well. Most freelancers charge up to ₹50,000 per month from their clients for daily updates and responding to customer service concerns across all platforms that their clients are present on.

Sell your Instagram photos

If your Instagram uploads are really breath-taking, you can post your pictures on different photography sites like Shutterstock and Foap. These sites not only give you a chance to show off your pictures, but also display your work to a large audience who are willing to pay good money for excellent photos.

Social media entrepreneurship has the potential to create several millionaires. The above-mentioned five tips are just a few ways in which you can make a good living through social media.

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