4 things you can’t afford to forget as an inspirational leader

4 things you can’t afford to forget as an inspirational leader

Monday October 30, 2017,

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Everyone aspires to be a leader. Hardly anyone aspires to be responsible. As a result, what you get in the end are individuals who cause the moral and ethical collapse of societies - corporations in general and the world at large. As the wise saying goes, ''The one who stands at the edge of the cliff knows that progress is going a step backwards," we need to look into humanity's rich past where emotions were a moral compass. In today's world, such virtues are frowned upon. What we need more than ever are not the next technological advancement but a reminder of past principles. As a leader in the 21st century, here are the things you must bear in mind if you wish to be an astute leader.

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

Don't stop being a student

When you step into a leadership role, it's more than a shift of designation; it’s a shift in experience. What you truly must experience is a shift in your mental framework. As a leader you are the torchbearer. There's confidence in humility that no amount of high-headedness can surpass.

The key here is to know what it means to be humble. True humility is as Socrates said, ''I know I don't know everything''. It's also in knowing that you are not Socrates and more importantly why.

As a leader, you must not fall into the trapping guidelines of how to 'act' like a leader. Among the many bullet points you'll be expected to abide by, one will require you to act like the know-it-all, be real instead. Know that what you know has got you where you are; to move any further you must learn anew.

Hard work is always the call of the hour

Leadership is hard work. But if you like to lead with reason and charge with cause, it's the kind of hard work you will enjoy. You will be required to manage people, clients and maintain general sanity. Think it's not hard work? Ask someone who has been in a leadership position and you will re-evaluate your pre-emptive actions.

It's your job therefore, it's your responsibility

If you hoped to evade responsibility, stay where you are. Do not aspire to grow. With growth comes responsibility. And as a leader you will be responsible for far more confounding and intricate aspects of business. Mainly, you will be responsible for people. The only choice you have is to be responsible for your conduct, actions and emotions and via them work towards creating a team where each individual knows what it means to be responsible for their own selves.

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