Amazon launches ‘Saheli’ programme to empower women entrepreneurs in India


The Saheli store will feature unique items produced locally by these women entrepreneurs — including handicrafts, apparel, handbags, home décor, etc.

Credit: Shutterstock

Partnering with SEWA (Self Employed Women Association) and Impulse Social Enterprise for boosting women entrepreneurship in the country, e-commerce titan Amazon today launched The Saheli Store’ for products curated by women entrepreneurs, in its India business.

According to a press release, Amazon Saheli, in collaboration with its partner organisations, will offer thousands of women entrepreneurs with access to customers on Amazon India marketplace. The dedicated storefront, The Saheli Store will feature unique items produced locally by these women entrepreneurs – starting from handicrafts, apparel, handbags, and home décor items.

The initiative will also enable access to world-class logistics and fulfilment facilities for these women, who can benefit from subsidised referral fees, free imaging and cataloguing during launch, account management and post launch support, and enhanced discoverability and differentiation of products through specialised storefronts. Speaking about the initiative, Reema Nanavati who leads SEWA said,

We at SEWA believe in young women’s entrepreneurship using e-commerce. With minimal cost, e-commerce gives you reach to newer markets nationally and internationally! It builds economic security, brings dignity and self-respect to young women entrepreneurs. SEWA is happy to partner with Amazon which share the same vision.

Amazon Saheli will offer training and skill development workshops to help women entrepreneurs understand nuances related to online selling as well as develop skills and capabilities necessary to grow their business on The training workshops will comprise sessions on listing of products, imaging and cataloging, packaging and shipping, inventory and account management, and customer service to name a few.

The workshops will be free of cost and will offer several exclusive benefits including assisted onboarding and mentorship programmes. The press release has stated that the programme will subsequently be expanded to empower women through other programmes offered by Amazon India like ATES (Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialists), SPN (Service Provider Network), IHS (I Have Space) and Udaan.

Commenting on the launch of the programme, Jay Carney, Senior Vice President – Global Corporate Affairs, Amazon Inc. said,

Promoting entrepreneurship among women has become a key focus area for companies everywhere – globally and in India. E-commerce and specifically the e-marketplace model is a great avenue for women entrepreneurs to benefit from the fast-growing digital economy. We are very encouraged by the creativity and drive we see among India’s women entrepreneurs and are excited to see how Saheli can inspire their innovative spirit.