How Freshworks is breaking gender stereotypes at the workplace

How Freshworks is breaking gender stereotypes at the workplace

Friday November 24, 2017,

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This week, we had an interesting day at Freshworks. Something simple yet powerful unfolded right in front of my eyes.

Sindhuja Parthasarathy from the HR team sparked a light-hearted activity with a deeper dimension. It was a challenge to challenge gender stereotypes.

Objectivity is an illusion deeply imbibed into us and there is even a term for it - ‘Unconscious Bias’. Let’s not get constrained by the pre-defined gender norms prescribed by our society.

We dismiss this off as racism or sexism but the truth is most of us don’t even realise the discrimination we are subjected to or even worse, what we subject others to!

We at Freshworks believe that a successful organisation is one built on the foundation of inclusiveness of diverse aspects - could be race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or simply the diversity of thought. The most important step is being aware of our biases before we jump into our workshops on 'Managing Unconscious Bias.'

The challenge

It was simple and fun - click a picture of yourself or your peers, holding placards of scenarios that challenge the gender bias and post it on our workplace. The underlying idea was to throw light on biases that influence choices we make at work and in our personal lives.

There were only a couple of pictures in the morning but by lunchtime it was the buzz of the entire office. Everyone was seen holding a placard, giving it a shot and soon we had more than the anticipated entries.

A few caught my eye,

The click that kickstarted it all (pun intended!)

And the answer to it!

Isn’t everyone supposed to cook?

What’s wrong with pampering yourself

And trying to look good...

Can’t bros gossip at brunch?

Everyone’s game for a little Whiskey!

And still, find time to do it all.

I was intrigued by all the buzz and decided to jump right in.

Helped me justify my shoe-buying frenzy ;)

Let’s not constrict ourselves the boundaries of a circle whose radius is determined by the preconceptions defined by society. We plan to push this #UnconsiousBias awareness campaign out on social media and see where it leads.

Tweet, post Insta stories or post on Facebook with these hashtags #UnconsiousBias #ChallengeGenderStereotypes #Freshworks #Freshperspectives and let’s throw a lot more light.