If you’ve had your fill of courtrooms as a lawyer, try these four alternative career options

If you’ve had your fill of courtrooms as a lawyer, try these four alternative career options

Sunday November 12, 2017,

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If you’re an attorney or a lawyer and are looking to start your own business, this is just the article for you. If you’re fed up with legal practice for one reason or another and want to start your own company in the legal space, there are several options for you to explore utilizing your skills and education. Here are a few startup opportunities in the legal space that you can make the most of:

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Freelance writer

Are you a writer in addition to being a qualified lawyer? If you can string words together with ease, you could potentially make a lot of money from freelance writing. With your solid background as an attorney and your writing skills, you can draft legal documents for firms as well as individuals. What’s more, you can even start your own blog where you can share your knowledge on legal matters and your experiences in legal practice. You can also opt to write for various newspapers, magazines, and legal publications. Start by logging on to freelance outsourcing sites to hook up with clients who will give you freelance writing assignments, and take it forward from there.

Business registration and licensing

Hundreds of businesses spring up every month. The law requires these businesses to be duly registered and acquire the necessary license before commencing business operations. Most business owners have little to no knowledge about the procedures required and they generally expect other people to handle this aspect for them. As a lawyer, you are no stranger to these legal procedures, so you can help people register their business and obtain the necessary licenses. You can also don the hat of a business consultant who gives advice to business owners and helps them secure funds for their business.

Career coaching service

If you have worked as a lawyer for years, you’re bound to have developed an understanding of the bright and dark sides of the profession. From knowing the shortcuts to success to the worst challenges anyone could face in this profession, you’ll be armed with all the necessary knowledge one needs to survive in this industry. You can use your knowledge to help newbie lawyers who are just starting out. Convert your years of experience as a lawyer into a decent income by offering career-coaching services to aspiring lawyers.

Forensic accountant

Do you work well with the financial side of things? If the answer is yes, being a forensic accountant is the perfect option for you. Forensic accountants help lawyers build their cases and establish facts from the financial angle. Their services are mostly availed of in cases of misappropriations, fraud, financial corruption, and money laundering. However, you need to take a post-graduate degree in forensic accounting to qualify as a forensic accountant.

There is no dearth of non-legal career alternatives for lawyers and attorneys who are done with practicing law. In addition to the above-mentioned four ideas, there are several options for startups in the legal space if you know where to look. New startups like Nyaaya, Lawyered, etc. are pushing the definitions of what you can do in the startup space using legal knowledge and acumen. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities and don’t hesitate to try out a career path that seems lucrative and satisfactory to you.

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