5 Times Ranveer Brar proved that Food was his Passion


Last week, celebrity chef Ranveer Brar tweeted 'You'll never leave where you are, until you decide where you'd rather be...' #ThursdayThoughts. The man, whose name reflects the challenges he has overcome to follow his dreams, has come a long way since cooking sweet rice for a langar at the age of 11 to having restaurants from Bombay to Boston and judging cooking shows on television. One of his greatest distinctions is that at the age of 25, he became India’s youngest-ever executive chef at a 5-star hotel. But despite an early start with a ladle, the road to the kitchen was not always smooth.

Here are five interesting facts about Ranveer Brar

  1. His family had other career ambitions for him: Hailing from a Punjabi landowning family, Ranveer’s family had hoped he would choose a career in engineering, medicine or even the defence services. He did clear the NDA entrance exam, but found his passion for food while apprenticing with Munir Ustad a popular local kebab vendor in Lucknow, Ranveer was expected to grind the masalas and pack them in potlis.
  2. He once at 100 kinds of Sandesh in one sitting: Ranveer achieved this mind-boggling feat while eating lunch at Nakur in Kolkata, a place famous for its sandesh. He also ate 5 varieties of bugs while dining with native Australians.
  3. His favourite chef is Heston Blumenthal: Ranveer praised the super-celebrity chef for his ‘amazing knowledge of ingredients and even more amazing application of those ingredients’ in an interview with askmen.com. He says that molecular gastronomy, which Blumenthal is famous for, allows people to experience food in a way that one never thought possible.
  4. From great loss to greater success: After moving to Boston, Ranveer opened a Franco-Asian restaurant Banq, which was named the Best New Restaurant in the world by Wallpapermagazine, and his regular clientele included the Boston Celtics. However, he suffered some reversals in business but refused to give up. On his return to India, he went on to open a restaurant in Mumbai and host nine culinary shows.
  5. His relationship with food is for life: He says that he has always treated food as a person. In an interview with the Hindustan Times, he said, “There are few relationships that give as unconditionally as food. I have opened and shut down restaurants and slept on the streets, but I have always bounced back because my belief in the relationship has been strong.”

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