WOW Parenting is helping millennials be progressive parents

WOW Parenting is helping millennials be progressive parents

Tuesday November 21, 2017,

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The online platform offers parenting advice to help raise calm, respectful and successful children.

The millennials are now parents – being themselves often raised with strict disciplining, these young people want to do different when it comes to their children. Concepts like treating children like friends have taken shape, and even as parents want to nurture their child with utmost care, the lack of time and resources on better parenting skills often leave them astray.

Add to that the ever-present advice from relatives and elders, and parenting can become a stressful task.

For new-age parents, internet is increasingly proving to be the source of knowledge, and what better than an online platform to teach good parenting in a digital world.

Enter WOW Parenting.

“WOW Parenting is not a manual to raise your child. However, it does give several concrete examples of how other people and cultures raise calm, respectful, successful children,” says Naren Goidani, Founder of WOW Parenting.

Naren Goidani

The online parenting portal offers an engaging Question and Answer platform, videos, blogs and tips on parenting children in the age group of 5 to 16 years.

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It provides insights on parenting, along with some Do’s and Don’ts, tips, tricks and techniques that are tried and tested. Topics are structured to help conquer daily parenting challenges, and bring up a champion child, while adding good dose of fun to parenting.

The portal also allows parents to seek guidance on particular problems by directly approaching in-house experts.

Bhairavi Sachde, a mother and WOW Parenting user says, “WOW Parenting is amazing. Everything looks clearer, very well put up, and nicely presented. I have been implementing the platform’s insightful solutions and now they are paying off.”

Revisiting the initial days

Launched as an online platform in September 2015, WOW Parenting is the brainchild of Naren Goidani, who guides people on empowered living. Taking on his family’s responsibility at the age of 18 following losses in the family business, Naren was forced to give up aspirations to be a chartered accountant.

Bringing the family business back on its feet, Naren never had the time to pursue a formal degree but says his life experiences have taught him much. He has so far authored 15 books on various aspects of life from marriage, business, parenting, facing fear, getting inspired, and simply growing up. He also authors a blog called ‘Life School Message’, which has over 42,000 subscribers.

Prior to its online launch, the WOW Parenting programme was available offline for around 16 years. The idea had struck Naren in the late 90s when he couldn’t find a one-stop guide to offer practical insights on parenting.

“I started observing, discussing and practicing new techniques in the field of parenting, which, in turn, provided some amazing results. In order to provide practical inputs for the parents seeking inputs in their journey of parenting we created WOW Parenting,” he adds.

Naren later roped in Paresh Shah as the Co-founder of WOW Parenting. Paresh is a software engineer, who wanted to do something that would create an impact in the lives of the people.

Understanding the market size

Parenting as a category has tremendous potential, not only in India but across the world. There is a plethora of websites that offer assistance only for toddlers and new born babies, that look beyond.

In the last couple of years, a few startups have entered this market by providing parenting tips for all aspects of a child’s life. Some of them include KIDSS (Kid Social Shell - a digital-age platform that offers parenting solutions by bringing together parents and experts in related-fields), BabyChakra (helps around 30 million moms and dads make crucial decisions on doctors, hospitals, and cord blood banks), ZenParent (a one-stop solution for parents with hands-on answers to help resolve any parenting query), My Child App (which takes inputs from to display areas of concern regarding a child), among others.

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WOW Parenting, however, claims to be a parenting buddy that understands parenting dilemmas betting on its long years of experience in the domain.

Plans for future

Backed by an eight-member team, the platform is currently bootstrapped, and has a subscription-based revenue model. A monthly subscription is for Rs 250, while an annual subscription costs at Rs 3,000. WOW Parenting gives unlimited access to its vast parenting knowledge including over 70 videos, quizzes, and expert practical articles, among others. It claims to be growing at a rate of 25 percent month-on-month.

Earlier this year, the platform launched a marketing campaign for about two weeks, which generated revenue of Rs 8 lakh for it with 330 users registering. However, the company is currently not focusing on marketing, and plans to concentrate on understanding the user experience and make it friction free.

India has 1.25 billion people, and with 54 percent of them parents, WOW Parenting aims to have a million registered users within three years. “We also plan to launch a Hindi version of WOW Parenting by the end of 2018,” says Naren.

Website: WOW Parenting