IOTomation Ecotech aims to make buildings intelligent, energy management smarter


With the Indian Government going full steam ahead on its Smart City Mission, work has started in earnest on 90 smart cities in the last two years.

But it’s impossible to build the 109 smart cities without smarter solutions.

That’s where IOTomation Ecotech, an IoT-based intelligent building and energy management company, comes in.

Banking on the latest technologies like cloud computing, analytics and artificial intelligence, Noida-based IOTomation aims to make buildings ready for the future.

“IOTomation has acquired the basic technology from AllGreen Ecotech and built the top layer on it to be market-ready,” says Dharmendra Rathore, Founder of IOTomation.

Leveraging the power of technology, the startup offers three new-age (NA) products – NA-iBEMS (software), NA-iCommand (service), and NA-iDDC (hardware).

The New Age intelligent Building & Energy Management Solution (NA iBEMS) software offers complete management, intelligence and command centre as an integrated stack. The intelligence and analytics features of NA iBEMS allows you to visually monitor entire operations on a single dashboard in real time.

All critical information is available on a single screen and also comes with the flexibility of widgets available to different user type. The command centre feature highlights every discrepancy in operations, and calculates its impact in real time. It provides a 360-degree view of various issues encountered at any instant, allowing easy diagnosis, and follow-ups with timely preventive and corrective action.

Dharmendra Rathore

New Age intelligent Command (NA iCommand), the energy monitoring and management centre, allows users to remotely command, monitor and control the analytics data centre for the user’s distributed assets. It offers real-time analytics of the data, helping make intelligent decisions and carry out preventive and preemptive action. The solution is aimed at offering greater visibility and control of various areas of energy consumption, scheduling, set points, and parameters that drive the building's energy efficiency and reduce operational cost.

A solution aimed at providing better controlling sensors and equipment, New Age intelligent Direct Digital Control (NA iDDC) board combines precision control with flexibility. Its configurable and responsive control capability makes it ideal for a broad range of control environments like BMS, Green Houses, Cold Chains and so on.

Dharmendra launched IOTomation Ecotech in 2016 to make IoT-based automation affordable and reliable. The brand recently started accepting bookings and already has two orders in its kitty.

“IOTomation has built its team very consciously, looking at existing skill gaps and future skill set requirement,” Dharmendra says.

The startup has got an undisclosed amount of seed funding and is gearing up to raise Series A funding early next year.

Watch Dharmendra giving more insights into how IOTomation is creating smart buildings by leveraging the power of disruptive technologies.

For product development, the startup is incubated in Electropreneur Park, an electronics incubator backed by the government, and also received a grant of Rs 3 lakh after incubation.

The company is generating revenue by selling iBEMS on PaYu (Pay-As-You-Use) model, which helps in increasing affordability and reliability for the customer.

Dharmendra highlights that PaYu is helping IOTomation get recurring revenue and retain customers.

“We would like to create a network of system integrators and expand pan-India and also to other countries in the Middle East, APAC and in South Africa. We are setting up a Network Operating centre for buildings, which will help our customers handle operations and maintenance remotely,” he reveals.


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