Prep your body and mind before a business presentation with these asanas and pranayamas

28th Jan 2018
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We can create a dynamic presentation using great words and illustrative images and infographics. But when we speak of presentations, it is not just what is projected on the screen but also the energy that is projected from you.


When you are going to a presentation, you need to have clarity about what you are talking, what you are going to say and what your flow would be. For that, you need to do your homework before presenting. When we say homework, it does not just mean working on the presentation, but also taking on detailed research on the person you’re going to present it to. You might not need it for the presentation but knowing the persons' hobby or a little about his family always comes handy

However, no matter how and where you are trained, if your state of mind is not right, you will not be able to present your work well. We have a list of asanas and pranayamas you can do five minutes before the presentation that will calm you down and help you stay composed. Each of this has its own benefits, follow the instructions and the flow before your presentation for positive business growth.


Here are a few yogic processes to build yourselves before powerful presentations

Right nostril breathing (Surya Nadi)

The Right nostril is called the Surya nadi. This prananyam helps reduce anxiety, depression and also helps increase oxygen flow to the brain. It stimulates your left brain and thought process.


  1. Sit in comfortable posture-sukhasan
  2. Spine erect, head straight, shoulder relaxed
  3. Hold Prapthi mudra on knees (gupta nadis)
  4. Close left nostril, inhale and exhale through right nostril only


  1. Rejuvenates the entire physical body
  2. Brings a glow to your face
  3. Restores brain imbalance
  4. Increases body heat and energy levels in body
  5. Cures acidity and improves digestion
  6. Powerful pranayam to prepare for meditation
  7. Creates a lot of energy

Left nostril breathing (Chandra Nadi)

The left nostril is called Chandra nadi. The left nostril cools the body. The moon corresponds to the reflective, passive and artistic aspects of an individual’s personality. This pranayama is extremely beneficial to calm your right brain and thoughts.


  1. Sit in comfortable posture -sukhasan
  2. Spine erect, head straight, shoulder relaxed
  3. Hold prapthi mudra on knees (gupta nadis)
  4. Close the right nostril with a finger and inhale and exhale through the left nostril only


  1. Cools the body temperature
  2. Cures heartburn
  3. This pranayam balances emotions in the body
  4. Mind is strengthened as mind is controlled by the moon and 'taste' of life is improved
  5. Enhances taste sensitivity
  6. Calms the brain

Both nostrils breathing

This pranayam is useful to calm the central brain area. Here, you can feel energised and joyful. Sushma is a central channel in our body that keeps the calm and tranquillity in our body.


  1. Sitting erect with your eyes closed; sit comfortably and steady.
  2. Breathe, feeling the sides of the lower rib cage expand and contract with each breath. Breathe like you’re inhaling and exhaling from the bottom of your spinal cord
  3. Your abdomen is relaxed and also moves naturally with the breath.


  1. Deepens tranquillity and inner peace
  2. Helps with mind and body coordination
  3. Helps with patience and attentiveness
  4. Relaxes the body

Brahmari Pranayama

The most important pranayam for this will be the bramhari pranayam. This pranayam will help you keep your left and the right brain in sync and will help you stay composed.


  1. Sit in comfortable pose-sukhasan
  2. Spine erect, head straight
  3. Hold prapthi mudra on knees
  4. Plug both ears with the thumb, index finger on forehead, middle two fingers on eyes, gently pressurising the right (surya nadi) and left (Chandra nadi) sides and the little finger at the bottom of each nostril. Elbow raised to shoulder level.
  5. Inhale deeply and exhale with "omkar" slowly making a buzzing sound like that of a bee and tongue slightly touching palette


  1. Helps in transformation and creating special energies for body to calm the body
  2. Increases sensitivity to tastes and fragrances
  3. Relieves stress/anger/anxiety
  4. Powerful in creating our own nature



Tadasan is the most basic asana in yoga and also a very simple one. Although a simple asana, this will help in improving the posture and has several other benefits.


  1. Begin by standing straight in Samasthithi
  2. Raise your arms above your head with your elbows straight
  3. Your palms must face each other and point your fingers up to the sky
  4. Slowly lift your heels off the floor and point it up
  5. Look up and balance your body weight with your toes


  1. Improves posture
  2. The spine gets flexed
  3. Calms your breathing
  4. Improves concentration
  5. Keeps you relaxed
  6. Improves sense of balance
  7. Brings stability to your mind and body
  8. Relaxes stiff shoulders

Practise these techniques for one minute each before going into the meeting room and you will see the difference. Yoga can help you a lot before important presentations.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)

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