These 10 school students from India will present their social innovation projects at UN Headquarters


The 1M1B Future Leaders programme is designed to recognise young people who work at grassroot-level, and demonstrate how their actions are driving fulfillment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

1M1B (1 Million for 1 Billion), a not-for-profit organisation through its Future Leaders initiative, has identified 10 high school students from TISB School, Bengaluru, who are involved in fulfilling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG's).

These 10 young people will now go to New York to present their projects at various forums, including the 1M1B annual Future Leaders awards on March 19, 2018, at the prestigious Delegate Dining Hall at the UN Headquarters, the venue where global heads of state and top diplomats meet. 

These young people underwent a 1M1B 6-month leadership curriculum and came up with social entrepreneurial projects based on global movements such as gender equality, climate change, no poverty by 2030, no huger, and more. The selected 10 students will now be trained by 1M1B on building their social influence to drive collective global action around their projects.1M1B aims to give a global stage to such Future Leaders who will form the next generation of influencers. We take a look at the 10 selected students and their projects:

Prakriti Ramanujam

Connecting underprivileged children to elderly (through art, performing arts and other such activities) to address the feeling of isolation and depression among the latter/

Arjun Kannan

Creating a job pipeline for the unemployed community and connecting those interested to export houses with vacancies.

Nina Reddy and Preeti Subbiah

Health education for underserved communities in Bangalore so as to help these communities with basic medical resources and knowledge of medical protocols.

Sanjana Tarigopula

Creation of a support group for friends/family of autistic children and to raise awareness about challenges faced by those affected by it.

Aditi/Mahika Varma

Peer learning through WhatsApp videos on math and English for government school children (Grades 5-7).

Gautam Dayal

Addressing the pollution in Bellandur lake due to waste and sewage disposal.

Nikita Nambiar

Addressing livelihood/skills gap in the inmates of Tumkur Women's Prison by training them in the art of Tanjore painting.

Maanasi Nair

Development through sports. Making sports equipment available to low income schools through a “donate your used sports equipment” programme.

Tanvi Palasamudram

Using music as a therapy for mental health. Piloting in low income government schools.

 These students were selected from a batch of 26 students of Class 9 from The International School Bangalore (TISB) where 1M1B initiated their “1M1B Future Leaders” programme. The selected students will travel to New York where their projects will be assessed by judges. The top three will get an opportunity to present to the global body for the 1M1B Future Leaders awards.

The 1M1B Future Leaders programme and awards aims to create a new brand of socially conscious leaders that are connected to their communities. This project-based curriculum focuses on innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. The 26 children learned how to design scalable models through a process that emphasises stakeholder discovery, business innovation, and social impact assessment.

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