Bootstrapped Neutrinos helps you in application development within hours

Bootstrapped Neutrinos helps you in application development within hours

Tuesday February 27, 2018,

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Neutrinos is a rapid application development company which enables anyone, from any background, to design and develop apps for their own needs.

At a Glance

Startup: Neutrinos

Founders: Samik Ghosh, Suresh Chandrasekar, Souvik Debnath, Ramya Raghavendra

Year it was founded: 2015

Where it is based: Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, offices in India and Singapore

Sector: Technology

Problem it solves: Rapid application development platform

Funding raised: Bootstrapped

With digital transformation, adapting is the only way forward. But when technology becomes inaccessible and expensive, the going gets tough; time being a crucial element when one has started out or is looking for a technological development.

To help companies and individuals adapt to technology ‘rapidly’, Neutrinos was started in 2015 by Samik Ghosh, Suresh Chandrasekar, Souvik Debnath, Ramya Raghavendra. Says Ramya:

“Innovation in application development is not democratised as it is still inaccessible, arduous and expensive for a majority – be it due to cost of acquisition of proprietary technology or doing grounds up or integrations with multiple disparate systems or niche skills or time taken from ideation till operationalisation.”

What adds to this complexity is the nature of applications that have evolved over the last few decades – be it desktop, web-based apps, mobile-based apps and now apps for Tablets, SmartWatch, Wearables, IoT or even Email Bots and many more.

Neutrinos aims to democratise the innovation in application development, making app development accessible, easy, affordable for the masses.

Dual mode of engagement

The startup provides two modes of engagement — users can either buy the platform from Neutrinos and develop the app themselves, or it can help a user in implementation, by building it for them.

The platform has various technology capabilities such as Machine Learning, IoT Gateway, Big Data, Social Integration as inbuilt functionalities.

It caters to anyone who needs to build any type of app in a unified approach (build once, test once, deploy in multiple channels of apps or devices). The apps can be developed visually or using basic skills such as Java Script and HTML, that are in abundance.

The platform claims to reduce development time and costs. It integrates app solutions across social, mobile, cognitive, and IoT.

With limited dependency on external IT vendors, it builds apps that fit business needs. The platform makes it easy for users to migrate from legacy systems to its digital solutions. Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, Neutrinos has offices in Bengaluru and Singapore. It works with enterprises primarily in the areas of banking, financial services, retail and media, among many others. 

Brand story

Talking about the brand story, Ramya says, “In particle physics, neutrinos are neutral subatomic particles with a mass close to zero. They are considered to be absolutely rapid – arguably travelling faster than light, challenging the fundamentals of relativity. Inspired by this very spirit, the Neutrinos platform has evolved as a close to ‘zero-code’ platform in developing innovative applications – arguably faster than any conventional method, challenging the status quo.”

The founding team has been in enterprise solutions implementation individually for almost 20 years, and has deployed numerous solutions for small, medium and large enterprises in their journey across the globe. “We have seen enterprises take a lot of time and still fail to implement great business ideas — primarily due to limitations on technologies that promise to be rapid. Such technologies also are limited in the hands of few.”   

The eureka moment was a collection of experiences and challenges faced firsthand coupled with the passion and urge to make a difference in the world of technology through a state-of-the-art platform.

The founding team has worked together in earlier stints, and knew each other for almost 15 years before starting Neutrinos. Their startup now has a team size of 55 people.

Samik has over 20 years of industry experience in diverse roles, from Business Strategy and Development to SBU Management, in Asia, North America, Africa, and the UK. Suresh comes with 20 years of experience in architecting, designing, and implementing BPM, ECM, and SOA solutions globally as well as innovating multiple products.

Souvik has more than 20 years of global experience in IT strategy, Solution Architecture, CIO Advisory, and stakeholder management in Financial Services. He specialises in architecture framework that aligns strategy, processes, and IT assets with business goals. Ramya has amassed more than 18 years of Sales and Marketing experience across the globe.

The Neutrinos team

Rapid solutions

Some of the solutions Neutrinos developed include a sensor-based IoT Billboard App for an insurer in 10 hours. It also claims to have delivered a mobile app with portfolio and payment gateway for one of the largest retail clients in 12 hours.

The interested user can purchase the platform which is available at three different models, i.e. Basic, Classic and Gold, which come in with different features designed keeping in mind to suit the requirements and expectations of large, medium and small-scale clients. There is no end-user license, it is all subscription-based pricing model.

For enterprises, it offers solutions such has Funeral Quotation System, Billing engine, Motor claims solution, Insurance self-service portal, Robot-driven customer experience, Smart farming, Payment solutions among others.

Neutrinos have partnered with — IBM, Bosch, Redhat, MongoDB, and Microsoft Bizspark. It claims to have revenues worth $2 million for FY-17-18, and that its project will be worth $12 million in 2020.

The platform is industry agnostic, with present focus on insurance, banking, retail, entertainment/media.

It is bootstrapped so far.

Market landscape

Market research analysts at Technavio suggests that in terms of revenue, the global application development and integration market will grow steadily and post a CAGR of almost five percent by 2020. The increasing requirement to provide customers with faster and user-friendly processes and also prevent redundancies such as sharing repeated information have induced enterprises to start using enterprise application technologies

The report also suggests that one of the major trends that will gain traction in the market is the increased scope of service-oriented architecture (SOA). SOA involves the integration of widely disparate applications for a web-based environment that works on multiple implementation platforms.

The other players in the similar space include Mendix, Thingworx, OutSystems, Kony among others.

Talking about its differentiator, Ramya says,

“While rapidity is the one thing that sets us apart from the most players in this space, the other most important aspect is the minimal technology skills required to be a Neutrinos developer. One can start playing around and evolve with the platform just by knowing basic HTML and Javascript which is a skill in abundance within the organisations and externally in the markets as well.”

The solutions built using its platform is not about replacing the core systems (ERP, SAP, etc.). Rather the solutions are geared towards the following areas —

“Improving Customer Experience or mapping customer journey linking to service excellence such as Social Media Integration, Email and Chat Bot, IoT based applications for proximity-based marketing and purchase or Connected Claims, Connected Homes,” Ramya says.

Neutrinos has over six enterprise clients with projects for the next three years. In future, it plans to expand in other geographies such as Malaysia, Hong Kong and North America.