Google to roll out camera updates for Pixel 2 devices

Google to roll out camera updates for Pixel 2 devices

Tuesday February 06, 2018,

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In its bid to add new experiences to Pixel phones, Google on Tuesday announced that the "Pixel Visual Core" for Pixel 2 users -- a custom-designed co-processor for the device -- is now turned on and the update will be rolled out in the next few days.

Image credit: Carlos Luna

Using computational photography and machine learning, Pixel Visual Core opened advanced imaging features like HDR+ technology for third-party apps, the company said in a statement.

"These aren't the only updates coming to Pixel this month. As announced last year, the goal is to build new features for Pixel over time so the phone keeps getting better," said Ofer Shacham, Engineering Manager for Pixel Visual Core.

"Later this week, we are adding new augmented reality (AR) Stickers themed around winter sports. Like all AR stickers, these characters interact with both the camera and each other, creating a fun-filled way to enhance the moments you capture and share," Shacham added.

Pixel Visual Core is built to do the heavy-lifting during image processing while using lesser power. That means users will be able to use that additional computing power to improve the quality of pictures by running the HDR+ algorithm.

HDR+ technology has always been available when you take photos from Pixel's native camera app. Now Google is extending its photo processing capabilities to popular photography, social media and camera apps.

Like the main Pixel camera, Pixel Visual Core also runs "RAISR" -- which makes zoomed-in shots look sharper and more detailed than before. It also has "Zero Shutter Lag" to capture the frame right when the shutter is pressed.