Darwinbox speaks on decisive aspects contributing to its growth and success


In a series of conversations, Endiya Partners spoke to the founders of Darwinbox, a SaaS-based human capital management platform.

Darwinbox is a new age HR platform which takes care of all HR needs across the employee life-cycle — recruitment, core transactions like leaves, attendance, directory, payroll, employee engagement, talent management and people analytics. It acts as a one-stop shop to streamline the recruitment and on-boarding process and has an evolutionary talent management system catering to every performance philosophy. Its solutions combine workflow with intelligent insights and smart interfaces.

Speaking of how the team came together to start the company — complementary skill sets, common value systems and a vision to build a great product company out of India, emerged as some of the key factors. Also, the camaraderie the team enjoys is apparent, which seems to build an atmosphere of balance and positivity.

Having achieved traction with marquee enterprises, and 200,000+ employees already on its platform, the Darwinbox team is on a mission to transform the interaction between workforce and technology, through enterprise products that are as simple and effective to use as daily consumer apps.

The Endiya Inside Out Series are discussions with Endiya's portfolio companies, entrepreneurs, analysts, VCs and corporate executives focusing on bringing insights into product startups, be it engineering, product marketing, sales, business development, talent assimilation, culture, fundraising, and exits. You may watch more of the series here.