Parched this summer? Online juice delivery startups are here to save the day

Parched this summer? Online juice delivery startups are here to save the day

Tuesday April 17, 2018,

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A recent report by Euromonitor states that selling juices through a subscription model to health-conscious consumers is gaining traction as juices sold through this channel are generally tailored to individual customers.

The doorbell ringing early in the morning in many Indian homes is no longer the standard milkman. Increasing health consciousness, and thanks to an array of startups, the morning doorbell for many, is actually the ‘juice man’ with fresh juice.

Don't be surprised, if your morning doorbell is not from milk man but from 'Juice man'

Startups focussed on delivering health drinks and beverages have sprouted across the length and breadth of the country as rising consciousness about the benefits of juice and other nutritional intakes have opened up a huge market opportunity.

A recent report by Euromonitor said selling juices through a subscription model to health-conscious consumers was gaining traction as juices sold through this channel are generally tailored to individual customers.

The startups listed below are among a handful of companies that cater to the growing demand for healthy options in the ready-to-drink beverage segment, currently dominated by carbonated drinks, with subscription-based programmes:

Raw Pressery

Rakyan Beverages Pvt Ltd, the maker of organic cold-pressed juices and other beverages, sells under the brand Raw Pressery. It began operations by taking the help of Dabbawalla in 2013 and has a subscription plan from one month to three months. Customers can customise the plan according to their choice and requirements.

Rakyan Beverages last year raised $6 million (Rs 40 crore) to fund its expansion from venture capital investors like Sequoia Capital, Saama Capital and DSG Consumer Partners.


The Haryana-based juice startup offers free delivery for all subscription orders, and has juice plans that range from detox and cleanse, weight loss, gym and sports, to children.

Writing on the Juro website, founder Shruti, writes, “We started Juro to help people consume fresh foods that enable them to manifest true health. But we also had to make it easy. With on demand / subscription based customisable plans of fresh pressed juices delivered at preferred location at a comfortable time of the day, Juro does all the work for you”.

Staying in shape


Delhi-based cold-pressed juice maker MyGreens is run by Good health Essentials Pvt Ltd. In fact, it promises to deliver fresh juices at customers’ doorstep between 6.30 am and 9 am. It acquired Food Ideas Pvt Ltd-backed JusDivine last year to ramp up its capacity. The firm has many programmes and subscription plans.

Juice up

Founded by IIM alumnus Riju Gupta, Fresh Food Concepts is a food startup that specialises in preservative free natural beverages. Its website says, “Juice Up is our first product line, a range of 100 percent raw and natural, cold pressed juices made by blending innovative combinations of fruits and vegetables, to deliver taste and nutrition both. Everything we make will always be 100 percent natural, delicious, and nutritionally net-positive, so that our customers feel physically and mentally better off after they have our products”.

Customers can take a Juice Up monthly subscription for Rs 3,750. It delivers 30 juices of a customer’s choice at his/her home over a month.



Gurugram-based ColdPress is run by Original Coldpress Foods LLP. It has subscription plans for juices and salads that vary from “shape up, immunity booster, and executive power weekday to weekend detox and rainbow plans”.

Rejoov Cold Pressery

Bengaluru-based Rejoov, started by Anju Sood and Anu Berry, offers a convenient way to drink healthy beverages. Rejoov extracts juices from fruits and vegetables using the cold-pressed technique, and has several programmes and plans to deliver juices to customers’ homes.


Bengaluru-based SapFresh is a healthy shots delivery company. It delivers healthy shots at consumers’ doorsteps on a subscription model for seven days, 15 days and 30 days.


Oasis Juice tries to solve the problem of not eating the right food at the right time. It supplies seven power-packed juices - one dedicated to each day of the week and that have different health benefits, taste and colour. The firm claims the juices get delivered to consumers's doorstep every morning between 6 and and 9 am. In case they are travelling or not at home, they can simply pause their subscription and resume when back.


The firm charges a one-off membership fee of Rs 100 to be paid at the time of registration. Consumers can add their pick of the day or preference from a wide range of juices and add it to their cart to be home delivered. Its

dedicated delivery resource uses in-house logistic arrangements to deliver to consumers.