Microsoft HeadStart will offer a glimpse into technologies of the future that can transform your business

Microsoft HeadStart will offer a glimpse into technologies of the future that can transform your business

Tuesday May 29, 2018,

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A decade ago, Tony Stark created Jarvis, a super-efficient artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, whose name was literally derived from his primary features –Just A Really Very Intelligent System. From helping out Iron Man on his missions, to running the Stark home, Jarvis could manage just about anything his boss wanted him to do.

Back then, Jarvis did not have a counterpart in the real world, since Cortana and Alexa were not around yet. But today, the story is different. The AI that exists in our real world is almost as comparable to the one on celluloid. From IoT, to Machine Learning and Blockchain, every day, the technology that drives our world and everything in it is changing faster than is believable.

Today, these technologies are the foundation stone on which we are building a primarily digital future. These new-age technologies can help businesses solve social problems, keep a finger on the pulse of their customers, increase efficiencies, and create immense business value. In order to stay relevant, it is imperative for businesses to keep pace with future-facing technologies. In fact, it’s no longer a question of whether or not businesses need to adopt these, but when.

So how can you find out more about these game-changing technologies and how they apply to your business? Microsoft has you covered when it comes to introducing you to the technologies that are the frontrunners of the future.

Why this event should be on your calendar?

At exclusive events to be held across three cities – Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai -- find out more about the ways in which you can leverage these technologies and bring innovation to every aspect of your business—whether it is your products and services or the way you manage your product development ecosystem

In engaging and informative sessions, Microsoft leaders will discuss what it will take for companies to lead the next innovation wave. You can hear from experts about how new-age technologies like AI and blockchain can be a gamechanger for your business. Find out more about being agile and keeping pace with the industry innovation cycle

Get ahead with Microsoft HeadStart

The theme of the event is how to innovate in and out. The sessions will kick off with a talk on Opening a world of possibilities with AI: Leading innovation that extends your capabilities.

You can get insights on how you can ‘Demystify blockchain, while establishing a shared, secure source of truth and know what this means for your business. Learn how you can Do more in less by bringing in the DevOps revolution, and using the right DevOps strategy. Also, learn the Art of Teamwork, and experience collaboration like never before.

At the post-event networking dinner, you will get a chance to interact with experts and peers and get their perspectives too. So do join in for an evening of food for thought and more at the following venues in your city 4:30 pm onwards:

Bangalore| June 13 | Ritz Carlton

Delhi | June 20 | Aloft 

Mumbai | June 22 | JW Marriot, Sahar 

Register for this not-to-be-missed event today, to get a headstart into the future.