Advanced emotional design, the comfort factor, and enhanced safety features come together in the Toyota Yaris

Advanced emotional design, the comfort factor, and enhanced safety features come together in the Toyota Yaris

Monday June 11, 2018,

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Next to buying a house, buying a car is one of the most significant purchase decisions in a person’s life, and there is a huge emotional quotient that goes into it. In fact, it is almost akin to entering into a valued relationship.

Research has indicated that while rational thinking and logic do play a key role in influencing a person’s car-buying behaviour, the emotional aspect is often what tilts the scales in favour of or against the decision.

Which is precisely why global auto giant Toyota is offering something for the discerning car owner who values intuition and emotional connections. The Toyota Yaris has made its entry into India this year, after experiencing successes in 120 other markets around the globe. For customers looking to make a stylish and powerful statement, the Yaris offers the luxury, comfort and safety, and overall, a more fulfilling driving experience. With an ergonomic and fluid design, the Yaris has a sense of dynamism about it. 

The Yaris is designed keeping the Indian car owner’s needs in mind

But it’s much more than just a great-looking car.

A car for the Indian landscape

Toyota has years of experience in the Indian market, and after closely observing and understanding the driving landscape in the country, the company has redesigned the sedan to make it more conducive to the driving conditions here.

Indian roads can be highly unpredictable, with smooth stretches suddenly marred by potholes, and unpleasant traffic situations that arise without warning. As a result, driving can become tiring, rather than being pleasurable. But the Yaris promises a different experience, with its 7-speed CVT-i that allows for smoother and more linear transmission. Not only does it enhance the driving experience, it brings down fatigue.

7 Speed Super CVT-i

Apart from this comfort factor, the safety aspect has also been enhanced in this sedan. All four wheels are equipped with disc brakes that offer better brake balance under unexpected situations compared to drum brakes, and more effective ABS operations.

All 4 disc brakes

With a continued focus on comfort and keeping in mind the tough Indian summers, the Yaris uses high solar energy absorbing (HSEA) glass, which reduces the amount of heat that enters the vehicle’s cabin. Also, for the first time in India, the plastic interlayer in the laminated glass used in the windows and windshields of the Yaris are a combination of infra-red cut PVB + acoustic PVB, which helps reduce the heat and infra-red rays absorbed, and also reduces the temperature on the steering wheels by an approximated 10 degrees compared to standard windshields.

HSEA (IR Cut) Acoustic and Vibration control glass

Extra thought given to the comfort of driver and passengers

We are all familiar with the cacophony of rush hour traffic on Indian roads. In addition to the noise insulation for both body and interior, it also provides better cooling and reduced NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) levels. So, get ready for a peaceful and quiet drive home without intrusive noises, with just your favourite music for company.

The Yaris makes long road trips more fun with the clever 60:40 split of the rear seats, which offers better options to fold the seats and multiple possibilities to carry luggage of different sizes. For the first time, the rear floor is flat, with ample space in the rear seat even with a centre occupant, ensuring that three’s indeed company and not a crowd jostling for more leg room. The rear seat has also been designed with an optimised torso angle for better lower back support as well as optimised distribution of body weight and cushioning. Added to this, are three rear headrests that offer equal comfort to all passengers in the back.

60:40 rear split seats

The sedan also comes equipped with roof-mounted air-vents with ambient lights to evenly cool and provide better circulation for all occupants of the car. In short, there are fewer chances of frayed tempers due to the heat, even if the mercury blazes outside.

Safety parameters to prevent even the smallest mishaps

The safety of loved ones is a non-negotiable factor that influences major life decisions. And it’s no different when it comes to deciding on a car which you know comes from a company with a tradition of offering trusted safety features. The Yaris uses innovative technology to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe on the road. So whether you are driving through pouring rain on slick roads, or navigating steep slopes, you can be assured that these first-in-class features of the Toyota Yaris can bring you safely home. The electronic brake distribution system adapts to the driving conditions, while distributing the braking force based on the occupancy of the car. There is also a Hill Start Assist Control system, which applies the brakes for three seconds to prevent the vehicle from rolling downhill on steep slopes. The brake assist provides better braking in emergency situations, while the anti-lock braking system keeps the vehicle steerable when sudden brakes are applied to avoid collision and skidding. The Yaris also keeps in mind enhanced safety for infants and facilitates the easy installation of a child seat. There are aero stabilising fins located at the back of the rear wheel, which help control the airflow around vehicle to provide better handling and make it more stable.

Not just good-looking, but smart as well

Design that’s intelligent can only be effective when it incorporates functionality. Toyota understands this well, as is evinced by the Yaris. Take, for instance, the feature of the projector headlamps that resemble sharp eyes. Not only does this add to the style quotient, it offers enhanced visibility to the driver, by providing more accurate light dispersal. This is especially useful during the Indian winters, when the fog rolls in and visibility is extremely poor. For such situations, the rear defogger with timer helps to clear fog and thaw frost from the rear windshield through electric heating and gives a clear view from the rear windshield while driving on highways in cold weather conditions.

Auto headlamps

The black extensions and chrome rings on the exterior add a touch of sportiness combined with elegance. The vibrant LED daytime running light (DRL) is a low-cost method effective in preventing head-on and front corner collisions by making it easier for other drivers to see the Yaris in foggy and rainy conditions.

The Toyota experience

The Toyota Yaris conforms to all aspects of the quality, durability and reliability (QDR) philosophy that is the utmost priority for Toyota, and even manages to put safety high on the list of its attributes. The company’s successful offerings in India such as the Qualis, Innova, Etios, Corolla, Fortuner and Camry Hybrid bear testimony to this, as all of them offer a high degree of safety, low maintenance cost and long product life cycles. Added to this, the Japanese manufacturer is also known for its superior customer support, transparency, wide feature set across vehicles, affordable finance schemes, expedient deliveries and after-sales services.

LED Line guide in Rear Combination Lamps

Toyota wants to ensure peace of mind on the road and off it with lower maintenance costs, and highly responsive and knowledgeable dealership teams who continue to serve even after the purchase is finalised. In this way, Toyota always ensures that its customers are happy.

Live the Toyota experience – Test drive the Yaris here.