‘Be a hero-maker, not a hero’ – 30 quotes from Indian startup journeys

‘Be a hero-maker, not a hero’ – 30 quotes from Indian startup journeys

Monday June 11, 2018,

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From excellence to leadership, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these excerpts and stories! StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see the previous post here). Share these 30 gems and insights from the week of June 4-10 with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights.

Teams that have changed the world took more risks than others. - Nikhil Rungta, Intuit India

Do not judge yourself for not being able to handle everything, but acknowledge the strength it takes to rely on other people. - Tanya Vasunia, Mpower

Success comes from impact, and not just fame. – VG Narendra, Indian Institute of Cartoonists

Reaching the top never means the end of learning, but in fact is the beginning of new learning. - Harrish Sairaman

Creative works can impact everyone around them. - Lakshmi Nambiar, Shrishti Art Gallery

Art is therapy and it can enhance the education we are providing for our children. - Anjali Jain, Kala Drishti

While the IT and mobile revolutions march on in India, the manufacturing industry is in danger of being left behind. - Sudhir Nayar, Cisco India

IoT has given organisations the power to improve their customer services by personalising everything more than it was possible a decade ago. - Vivek Kumar, UpGrad

Information technology will not only benefit people but help the government bring in order and discipline at work. - Akhil Arora, Principal Secretary, IT, Rajasthan

The rise of AI and deep tech is playing to Canada’s strengths with its talent pool, and opening up opportunities for scale-up in North America. - Vartika Manasvi, imeyou

There have been some great ideas coming from the IISc. The question is, will Indian tech scale up? It is important for these businesses to be supported by the Indian VC ecosystem. - C S Murali, IISc-Society for Innovation and Development

Innovation should not be treated as a buzzword, it should be embedded in the DNA of organisations ranging from startups to large enterprises. - John Vetan, Design Sprint Academy

Innovation and entrepreneurship requires creativity, hard work and endurance to succeed. - Ratan N Tata, Tata Trusts

2018 looks to be the birth-year of regtech, technologies designed to service the regulatory obligations of companies. - Brendan Tobin, Ecanvasser

GDPR could be an opportunity for Indian companies to stand out as leaders in providing privacy compliant services and solutions. - Srinivas Rao, Aujas

Everything starts with good customer experience. If you have that, traffic comes. - Gopal Pillai, Amazon India

Journalism is about trying to understand the deep undercurrents in society that lead to certain outcomes. - Lydia Polgreen, HuffPost

Digital has moved up from being something nice to put on PowerPoints to now being an integral part of the advertising strategy. - Ashish Bhasin, Dentsu Aegis Network

Treat medicines as your servant. You shouldn’t let them become your master. - Dr Sivaramakrishna Iyer Padmavati

There is an urgent need for bringing in technological solutions for reducing pollution. - Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Paytm

De-centralised waste segregation at the household level is the one-stop solution to all the problems of waste management. - Anant Tiwari, Paryavaran Mitra

It takes a mere 200 seconds to finish a drink with a straw, which then takes over 200 years to decompose. - Kanishka Poddar, Mulberry Lifestyle

The environment and its conservation isn’t a government objective alone, and this burden should all be carried equally by all of us. - Gagan Vermani, MYSUN

People are not interested solely in motivational content anymore. They need something that can help them learn something as well as motivate them at the same time. - Eklovey Verma, Creating Talks

Millennials want to feel good about their work. They value authenticity and therefore want to work with companies that help them create an impact on society. - Anuradha Bharat, Razorpay

Learning should not stop at any cost. - Kush Beejal, NeoStencil

Every failure pushes you to work harder towards success. - Priti Rathi Gupta, Ishka Films

There is no shortcut to hard work and success. - Piyush Mishra

Be a hero-maker, not a hero. - Lisa Goldman and Kate Purmal, 'The Moonshot Effect'

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