Go digital with Google Primer; Make coding simple with Dcoder

Go digital with Google Primer; Make coding simple with Dcoder

Saturday September 01, 2018,

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While large companies go on to hire specialised digital agencies and marketing consultants, small-and-medium businesses, and especially startups, do not have the luxury to spend on them. Hence, Google Primer - a free learning app from Google - that seeks to answer all of the above questions, and more. Google launched Primer in 2014 on iOS, and rolled it out on Android a year later, with the express purpose of empowering startups and small businesses with digital marketing skills. Google also wanted to acclimatise these companies with its own ad-tech products and tools, which often come across as heavy or intimidating for the uninitiated.

Making coding simple, Dcoder is a mobile coding platform that lets anyone code on their smartphone in over 35 programming languages. How does it work? Well, you write your code on the phone on Dcoder’s code editor. It is then sent to the cloud servers where it is compiled and executed, and the output is redirected to the mobile screen. CodeNow, which is Dcoder’s code editor, allows you to select a programming language to write code, or you can also select a template from the options on the app.

Ankush with Shubham and Satvik Gupta.

Jalandhar-based Anurag Arora’s MINK India offers organic produce and garden consultancy services, and aims to educate students of all ages about farming. MINK Organics, which was started in September last year, focuses on rooftop organic vegetable farming; it also provides consultancy services for this along with internships to school students. MINK Organics engages in cultivation and sale of organic products grown in vermi-compost and soil-less medium, including micro-greens, oyster mushrooms, organic sprouts, organic vegetables, and whole wheat flour.

Anurag Arora

A startup’s journey is always uncertain and faces technological, financial, legal and marketing issues. Accelerator programmes form pillars of support for many of these young firms, and in the process lays down a strong foundation. These accelerators are varied in their philosophy, but the bottom-line is to provide that vital support and walk along with the startups in their journey. YourStory lists the top eleven startup accelerators being operated by top MNCs in India.

The millennial workforce, which loves independence and flexibility, is no longer seeing much value in renting, let alone buying, an office space. Co-working spaces give them everything that they wish for at a price-point that’s way too attractive. Here’s a closer look into why co-working spaces are here to stay, and why millennials will be driving their growth all over India.

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